New fan art imagines David Corenswet as Superman and Milly Alcock as Supergirl in upcoming DC Universe films by James Gunn.
Corenswet and Alcock will be the first Kryptonian cousins to properly interact in the same universe, marking a fresh start for DC Studios.
While rumors swirl about Alcock’s Supergirl appearing in Gunn’s Superman movie, set photos may reveal her role in the DC Universe soon.

David Corenswet and Milly Alcock come to life as James Gunn’s Superman and Supergirl through new DC Universe fan art. A new era of DC is on its way to the big and small screens in the form of Peter Safran and Gunn’s DC Universe, which is replacing the old DCEU franchise. With a fresh start for DC Studios, several iconic DC Comics heroes and villains will be reimagined in the world of live-action.

While Corenswet has been cast as the new Superman, Alcock will be starring as Kara Zor-El in the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie, bringing the Kryptonian cousins into the DC Universe at the same time. Even though the world has yet to see them together on the big screen, Dimitrius Paranhos shared new fan art, imagining what Corenswet and Alcock may look like as Superman and Supergirl, respectively.

The DC Universe fan art sees Corenswet and Alcock in old-school Superman and Supergirl suits, similar to what Christopher Reeve and Helen Slater wore for their respective versions. Corenswet and Alcock will be the first time the House of El cousins get to actively interact with one another in the same universe, marking a notable change since Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Henry Cavill’s Superman ultimately never crossed paths.


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With Gunn’s Superman movie currently shooting, Alcock’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow film will reportedly start production later this year. However, when Alcock was initially cast as the new Kara Zor-El, it was reported that Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow may not be the first DC Universe project she will debut in as the Girl of Steel. According to reports, Alcock’s Supergirl will have a role in Gunn’s Superman movie, most likely in a supporting capacity.

When Gunn was asked about Alcock’s alleged Supergirl appearance in the Superman movie, he stated that he had never said that she would be showing up in the film. However, Gunn also never commented that Supergirl would not be appearing in Superman, leaving the possibility for her cameo still open in the DCU’s first movie.

As Superman continues principal photography, it is possible that Alcock’s Supergirl appearance could be showcased through set photos, if the reports are indeed true and thus the actress ends up shooting on location. For now, time will tell whether or not Supergirl will be joining the Man of Tomorrow at all in Gunn’s Superman movie.

Superman (2025)

Written and directed by James Gunn, Superman is the first movie in Warner Bros.’ rebooted DC Universe to center around the titular comic book hero. It introduces a new version of the Man of Steel after Henry Cavill’s departure from the role, honoring the character’s roots as “the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way.”

Source: Dimitrius Paranhos/Instagram

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