The McFarlane Toys line of action figures for “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” will include not one, not two, but three different versions of Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry. First, we’ve got the classic Aquaman look with the shimmering orange scales and the metallic green bottoms and gloves, as well as a golden belt. This one comes with Aquaman’s trident and a pair of swappable hands. However, the other version puts Arthur in a new stealth suit, that gives him the ability to go invisible. Stealth suit Aquaman also comes with a trident, but unfortunately, there isn’t an extra pair of hands.

As for the third version of Aquaman, it’s technically not a different version, but it does offer an alternate look for the stealth suit, and it gives the DC Comics superhero a little buddy to hang out with. This Target exclusive version of Aquaman makes it look like the stealth suit is disappearing, with a paint job that fades away into a transparent figure. It’s not exactly invisible, but that’s still a cool effect. However, the real draw for this version of Aquaman is the included octopus friend, Topo. 

 Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives later this year, and the sequel’s action figures from McFarlane Toys have been revealed, including Storm the seahorse.  Read More