The new Birds of Prey ongoing series has already given fans a lot to talk about, brilliantly chronicling the story of Dinah Lance / Black Canary and her latest crop of unlikely teammates. The first issue of Birds of Prey outlined the reason for the team’s high-stakes adventure, as they are going to work to save Cynthia “Sin” Lance from the Amazons on Themyscira. The possibility of Sin’s return — especially given her incredibly-personal connection to Dinah — has excited fans for months now, and now we have the best look yet at what that will entail. On Friday, DC unveiled its December 2023 solicitations, which reveal some of the covers for Birds of Prey #5. The main cover, from series artist Leonardo Romero, show Dinah and a now-teenaged version of Sin in fighting stances.

Some had theorized that Sin could end up being Red Canary, who debuted in the comics earlier this year and becomes a superhero after being inspired by Dinah. Red Canary’s real name was recently revealed to be “Sienna”, which led fans to wonder if there would be a connection between the two, but the premise of this Birds of Prey series, and this cover, seem to indicate they are two separate characters.


Art and cover by LEONARDO ROMERO
Variant cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Variant cover by W. SCOTT FORBES
1:25 variant cover by NATHAN SZERDY
1:50 variant cover by CHRIS BACHALO
$3.99 US 32 pages