The precise details Batman and Poison Ivy’s first meeting have been uncertain for some time, due to the constant universe resets in DC, but now DC is giving them a new origin story. The Origin of the Species storyline will conclude in Poison Ivy #21, with the climax to the arc exploring the dynamic between Ivy and the Caped Crusader, who have been perennial enemies, but also allies at times, over the years. Poison Ivy’s initial motivations as a character no longer match her current nature, so an updated first meeting with Batman will reflect her growth and increasing complexity.

Warning! Contains Spoilers For Poison Ivy #21!

Batman and Poison Ivy have been enemies for decades, but their actual canon first meeting has been lost to time, due to the continual resets of the DC Universe. While other characters like Joker have fixed meetings with Batman, Poison Ivy doesn’t, and now DC seems to be fixing that with an updated origin for the character.

The stunning conclusion to the Origin of the Species storyline will get to the root of Batman and Ivy’s dynamic, which has, over the years, had them as bitterly opposed enemies, as well as occasional allies.

Poison Ivy #21

Release Date:

April 2, 2024


G. Willow Wilson


Marcio Takara

Cover Artist:

Jessica Fong

Variant Covers:

Bilquis Evely, David Nakayama, & Babs Tarr.

Who’s black, grey, and green all over? Batman. Uncover how Poison Ivy and the Dark Knight Detective himself first came to blows in the final chapter of G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara’s unforgettable Origin of Species storyline.

Poison Ivy’s first appearance in comics had her seeking to prove that she was the greatest female criminal in Gotham.Her more well-known eco-terrorist aspect didn’t come until much later, and since this first appearance doesn’t align with her character today, DC is now delivering a new canon first meeting for her and the Caped Crusader.


The Gardener: Poison Ivy’s Ex-Girlfriend Returns in a Brand New Origin Story

In a new retelling of Poison Ivy’s origin story, her ex-girlfriend the Gardener is making a return to play a major role in Pam’s turn to villainy.

Poison Ivy is one of Batman‘s most popular villains. She’s a character who cares about the environment more than anything and has even become the Avatar of the Green a few times. While the origins of her powers have been explored in depth in the past, her actual first fight with Batman hasn’t been explored in the current continuity of the DC Universe. Due to the multiple resets of the universe, her golden age origin no longer matches her character of today and needs an update, which DC has finally decided to provide.

Several of Batman’s iconic villains have a cemented first confrontation with Batman, like the first time Batman met Joker, as depicted in The Man Who Laughed. This encounter is referenced in many stories, such as Batman: Death of the Family. Poison Ivy’s origin, however, has been in flux for some time. Her initial motivations don’t match the current nature of her character, necessitating an update. This new first meeting between Batman and Ivy is the chance to create something that fits with the character Ivy grew into.

Poison Ivy’s Fresh Origin Story Will Reflect Her Growth As A Character

Poison Ivy is an iconic villain and giving her a story of her first meeting withBatman is a great way to cement their relationship from the start. Poison Ivy isn’t the generic femme fatale that she was back in the 60s. She’s grown into a complex character who cares about the environment and struggles to reconcile this with her care for the people who continue to ruin that environment as well. An updated original meeting between the long-time rogue and Batman will be a fascinating look into how Poison Ivy grew into the character she is today.

Poison Ivy #21 is on sale on April 2nd from DC Comics!

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