Superman has Lex Luthor and Batman has the Joker, and now it’s finally time for Wonder Woman to receive her own archrival. As DC enters its latest era, the Dawn of DC, Wonder Woman will be entering a new phase of her own, as her ongoing gets rebooted with a brand new #1 coming in September.

In anticipation of Daniel Sampere and Tom King’s Wonder Woman #1, coming September 19, Popverse received some interesting information regarding this upcoming run from the duo.

In this run, Wonder Woman will take on a brand-new villain, whom Popverse names as “Sovereign.” While the name itself comes “without confirmation” from either DC or Tom King, it does add much to speculate based on King’s previous statements. In a prior announcement, this new villain (whatever his name will be) has been teased to be the biggest obstacle Wonder Woman has ever faced in her superhero career.

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A New Villain Is Coming For Wonder Woman This Fall

In a previous press release promoting the new Wonder Woman #1, Tom King announced that the series will include a new villain who will be “on par with Lex Luthor or The Joker.” King also added that this mysterious villain is well aware that the Amazon can’t be defeated so easily with a monster or foreign object. “He has a plan to strike at the heart of our hero. How Wonder Woman responds, how she takes this incredible blow and keeps fighting is the story of this book.” The press release does not mention the villain by name, so, again, the Sovereign name has not been confirmed. Beyond that, the press release offers no additional information about this villain, beyond setting up his introduction in the new series.

This New Villain Could Shake Wonder Woman In Much-Needed Ways

What’s perhaps most interesting about this new villain is that he promises to be a psychological threat rather than a physical one. Most of Wonder Woman’s enemies tend to fall in the latter category, and since few can match the princess’ imposing strength, few have left an impression. An archrival who can challenge the daughter of Hippolyta on a mental level could make for some fascinating stories, and could help to redefine Wonder Woman as a hero.

Batman and Superman have two of comics’ most iconic, medium-defining arch-villains, something Wonder Woman’s rogues’ gallery can’t boast. None of her villains have the same kind of name recognition as Lex Luthor or The Joker. This new villain could be a major game-changer in Wonder Woman’s life, in more ways than one. What makes Joker and Lex Luthor interesting is that, though they can’t match their respective heroes in strength, they can challenge them emotionally and mentally. Recently, Insomnia’s Knight Terrors event challenged the morals at the heart of Wonder Woman’s killer instinct. Giving Wonder Woman a villain who can challenge the root of her character is exactly the revamp she needs.

Source: Popverse

Wonder Woman #1 will be available this fall from DC Comics.

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