Wonder Woman
game is in development with Monolith Productions, expect years before release.
Harley Quinn deserves her own game, reflecting the satirical and chaotic energy of the characters.
Characters like Lady Blackhawk or Talia Al Ghul could offer unique gameplay experiences in their own games.

There have been a lot of video games set in the DC Universe with playable female characters. The most recent example is Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, who shared the screen with three playable men. The balance seems a bit off there, as much as it was for Barbara Gordon in Gotham Knights.


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Right now, the only female-led DC game is currently in development is simply called Wonder Woman and is being made by Middle-earth: Shadow of War developer Monolith Productions. There has been no gameplay footage yet, so it could be years before fans finally get to see it, let alone play it. While fans wait, here are some other female DC heroes and anti-heroes that could star in their own games too. Some previous characters may even return for a full game to themselves.

8 Element Girl/Element Woman

Using The Power Of Nature

Skills: They can shapeshift their bodies using natural elements like stone or wood.

Two different female superheroes in DC’s lineup share similar names and powers but aren’t fully associated with each other. First, Element Girl, also known as Urania Blackwell, was created as a spy for the United States. She could change her form to better suit espionage, and she could transform her body to match elements like stone or wood.

Element Woman, also known as Emily Sung, is a more typical superhero and has most of the same powers as Element Girl. Either character would be interesting to set a game around, but Element Girl would work well in a Splinter Cell-like spy adventure.

7 Jessica Cruz Green Lantern

Using Willpower To Create Mass

Skills: She can use her willpower to create matter.

There have been many iterations of the Green Lantern, who started with Alan Scott. Most 90s kids will be more familiar with the Hal Jordan or John Stewart runs of the hero though. They might not know that several women have received the power of the Lantern as well, including Jessica Cruz.

Green Lanterns can channel their willpower into a ring that then creates matter, which sounds like the perfect set of powers for an action game akin to Devil May Cry. Jessica, for example, could create a hammer to whack enemies with, platforms to climb on, guns to shoot, and so much more.

6 Harley Quinn

HBOMax’s Cartoon Star Deserves A Game

Skills: Uses the power of chaos to smash through foes, is insane.

Harley Quinn has been playable in several games already, including as DLC in the Batman Arkham series and, most recently, in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. She has yet to receive a game all her own though, which is wild considering how popular she is in the movies when played by Margot Robbie, as well as the Max adult cartoon, Harley Quinn.


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A Harley Quinn game should channel the satirical energy from the cartoon into a wild brawler. Whoever develops it could make it weird, trippy, and, of course, funny, like Hi-Fi Rush in the DC Universe. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to focus the game on music too, also like Hi-Fi Rush.

5 Hawk And Dove (Holly and Dawn Granger)

Not One, But Two Bird Girls

Skills: Hawk can turn into a hawk, Dove can turn into a dove, and both heroes can fly, are strong, and have heightened agility.

The Hawk and Dove line of comics started with Henry Hall as Hawk and his brother, Don, as Dove. Don went away and was then replaced by Dawn Granger who would then be joined by her sister, Holly, once she took over for Henry. The Hawk heroes can turn into literal hawks when in danger, but they can also fly without this transformation. Super speed and evasion are also up their alley, and Dove heroes have the same approximate powers except that they can turn into doves.

It’s a weird set of powers to base a game on, besides an action game or brawler, but they stand out because they have cool costumes. Dawn, in particular, looks like she is a lost version of Spider-Man made for the DC universe. It’s also been a long-time coming for video games to get superhero flight mechanics done properly. Maybe Hawk and Dove can be the game to change that.

4 Lady Blackhawk

An Undercover Pilot

Skills: A trained pilot who is adept at using guns.

Lady Blackhawk has appeared as a few notable DC characters, including Zinda Blake and Natalie Reed. The current identity of Lady Blackhawk is unknown, but it could be revealed at any moment in the comics. When she started out, Lady Blackhawk was a pilot for teams like the Birds of Prey, the all-female group that included Harley Quinn.

Her look is very reminiscent of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a movie from the early 2000s that most have likely forgotten by now, but has a sort of World War 2 crossed with a steampunk aesthetic. Lost media aside, this could be a fun throwback game set during World War 2 that has stealth, shooting, and plane segments, and could incorporate some other DC heroes from history.

3 Lois Lane

Where Did Superman Go?

Skills: An ace reporter.

There has never been a truly high-quality Superman game for whatever reason, but maybe developers are focusing on the wrong character. What if Superman disappeared from Metropolis and Lois Lane had to find him? She could be assisted by Jimmy Olsen, and the two of them could go around the city investigating his whereabouts along with other, smaller crimes.


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It should definitely be an adventure game, but the budget is where things could get interesting. It could either be like modern Telltale games, released episodically, or DC could fund something on the level of L.A. Noire or a more nuanced investigative game like Return of the Obra Dinn.

2 Ravager (Rose Wilson)

Avast Ye Superheroes

Skills: A master of blades and stealth.

Rose Wilson, aka. Ravager, looks like a pirate version of Deathstroke from her costume and coloration of it. That’s because Rose is Deathstroke’s daughter, and the original Ravager was her uncle. Bypassing a complicated set of relationships, Rose took over the gig of Ravager and has appeared as a villain and hero throughout the years.

She’s on the same level as Harley Quinn, who walks a gray area between bad and good. With her weaponry and acrobatics, it wouldn’t be too hard to see Rose in an action game like Devil May Cry or Assassin’s Creed, similar to the idea for Jessica Cruz, except that it makes more sense for Rose and her Ravager getup to lean more towards stealth.

1 Talia Al Ghul

The Queen Of Assassins

Skills: There is no assassin better than Talia in terms of stealth expertise, weapons training, and information gathering.

Talia al Ghul appeared recently in a game, Gotham Knights, as one of the core villains. She’s the daughter of one of Batman’s biggest foes, Ra’s al Ghul, and has also been a love interest for Bruce. The two even had a child together, Damian, who would later go on to become Robin. Damian is the Robin that appears as a playable character in Gotham Knights, actually.

Talia is a capable fighter in the League of Assassins, and she eventually becomes its leader, so it would not be hard to imagine DC backing an Assassin’s Creed-like experience set somewhere in Europe. Batman could even be a “villain” who is trying to stop Talia’s missions. Like many DC femme fatales on this list, Talia knows how to be both heroic and evil, which is exactly the line an anti-hero needs to walk to be a video game protagonist.


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