Gal Gadot could be a great fit for Talia al Ghul, with her resemblance to the character and her on-screen experience in portraying combatant and assassin roles.
Gadot’s past experience in espionage roles makes her a good candidate for playing Catwoman, showcasing her knack for playful banter.
Zatanna would be a fun and visually stunning superhero role for Gadot, allowing her to explore a character who is outgoing and known for showmanship.

If Gal Gadot‘s time as Wonder Woman is over in the DC Universe, there are plenty of other characters who would be a great fit for the actor. Despite starring in two solo movies, co-starring in both versions of Justice League, and making several cameo appearances in other DC projects, Wonder Woman’s future in the DCU is still in flux. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 isn’t happening as part of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU, but Gadot herself teased a different Wonder Woman 3 in the works. However, there’s been no subsequent confirmation of such a project existing.

There are only a few actors confirmed to continue their roles in the new DCU, and it seems unlikely that any sticking with the brand would move forward as a different character. However, anything is possible, and it’s interesting to speculate what other roles DC’s big-name starts could take on. Though there are surely others, these ten DC characters seem like particularly good fits for Gal Gadot should her time as Wonder Woman be over.

7 Tali Al Ghul

Talia al Ghul has already been featured once in a live-action Batman movie, but, unfortunately, she ended up as one of the more disappointing villains in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Appearing in The Dark Knight rises though note revealing her true identity until late in the movie, she was devoid of most of the traits that make her compelling in DC Comics. However, with Damian Wayne set to appear in The Brave and the Bold, his mother, Talia, could appear once more. Gal Gadot bears a reasonable enough resemblance to the character, and she also has the on-screen experience to portray Talia’s incredibly skills as a combatant and assassin.

6 Catwoman

It’s unclear if the new DC Universe will introduce Catwoman or not with her set to continue her on-screen portrayal in the cast of The Batman – Part II. However, if another version does appear in the DCU proper, it’s easy to see how Gadot could do well with the role. She’s played characters with a knack for espionage before, most notably as a spy in Red Notice, and she’d likely nail the playful banter that Selina Kyle is known for.

5 Zatanna

It’s hard to believe that Zatanna is yet to appear in a major live-action DC Universe movie, though she’s certainly come close. At one point, DC was planning a Zatanna solo film, but it’s since joined the list of cancelled DC projects. Gadot bears a decent enough resemblance to the raven-haired magic user, and it would be fun to see her take on a superhero role so markedly different than Wonder Woman. While Diana Prince was portrayed as a strong but reserved outsider in the DCEU, Zatanna is known for her outgoing sense of showmanship. If the DC Universe wants to shocase some visually stunning magic, Zatanna seems like a great option.

4 Big Barda

Big Barda may have a silly name, but this powerful character is certainly no joke. Barda is a New God, a powerful race of beings teased in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. In many ways, Barda is an inversion of Wonder Woman. Like Diana, Barda is trained from a young age to lead a group of warrior women, though this Female Fury Battalion isn’t the upstanding group Themiscyra’s Amazons are. Barda is a bit of an anti-hero with different interpretations of the character falling more or less to one side, and it could be fun to see what Gadot does with a less morally narrow version of Wonder Woman.

3 Starfire

Part of what makes Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman so compelling is that she nails the “fish out of water” feel of someone learning about humanity for the first time. Though she eventually acclimated, Wonder Woman is an outsider when she leaves Themiscyra, and Starfire could channel that as well as she’s an alien living on Earth. Starfire is often portrayed as younger, even sometimes a teen, but Gadot could be great for an adult-aged version of the character.

2 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy was the featured villain in Batman & Robin, arguably the worst Batman movie ever made, and the complex and compelling character deserves another chance on the big screen. Far from a traditional villain, DC Comics has, in recent years, reworked into much more of an antri-hero – or, perhaps more appropriately, an anti-villain. Gadot would need to sport some orange hair dye, but the actor could capture the complicated nature of such a character well. Ivy isn’t inherently on the side of good or bad, she’s on the side of plant-life, and that bounces her between both sides of the law.

1 Julia Pennyworth

Alfred is, of course, the most famous Pennyworth in the Batman mythos, but she isn’t the only one. Bruce discovers Julia while on a mission in Hong Kong. There, she’s part of a covert group attempting to take down a local crime boss. She doesn’t join the Bat Family for long, but she does bring an interesting dynamic to the group. She doesn’t inherently trust her father after growing up away from him in France, and she doesn’t approve of his life being spent in the service of billionaires. However, she still proves a valuable boots-on-the-ground helper who aids her Jim Gordon and others.

As with other potential roles, Julia could tap into Gal Gadot’s history in action films. She’s proven that she’s more than capable of fight scenes with firearms, and she could be a perfect fit for someone like Julia, should the new DCU want to introduce a lesser-represented character to mix up the Bat Family dynamic. With Bruce presumably being a bit older in The Brave and the Bold, Alfred likely will be as well, so Gadot could be the right age for his child. Regardless, whether it’s Julia Pennyworth or someone else, there are plenty of DC roles that could be a great fit for Gal Gadotif her time as Wonder Woman is really done.

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