Say superheroes and our minds inadvertently conjure up colourful characters printed on glossy pages with dialogue clouds narrating the story. Marvel and DC no doubt have the upper hand in the superhero genre. But there are caped crusaders and masked vigilantes who are born from the creative minds of filmmakers rather than inked pages of comic books. Here are some remarkable original superhero movies that aren’t adaptations of popular comic books, bringing to screen new characters and original stories.

7 best original superhero movies that are not based on Marvel and DC Comics; available on Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Netflix, and more

1. Hancock – Netflix

Starring Will Smith as the titular character, this movie introduces us to an unconventional hero. Hancock, a super-powered being with incredible strength and the ability to fly. But, despite his good intentions of helping people, he ends up causing chaos and struggles to find his place in society. His life takes a dramatic turn after he saves Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a PR executive, who becomes determined to change Hancock’s public image. As Ray helps Hancock improve his life, he meets Ray’s wife, Mary, who has a secret past connection to the superhero. While fighting a powerful nemesis, Hancock discovers shocking truths about his origins and Mary, putting everyone’s lives at stake. The movie offers a unique take on the superhero mythos, exploring themes of redemption and self-discovery.

 2. The Incredibles – Disney+ Hotstar

This animated superhero is set in a world where superheroes are forced into retirement and hiding due to public backlash and legal issues, the movie revolves around the Parr family of superheroes. The patriarch, Bob Parr, formerly known as Mr. Incredible, longs for the glory days but is now living a mundane life as an insurance claims adjuster. His wife Helen, aka Elastigirl, juggles her role as a stay-at-home mom while concealing her superpowers. Their children – Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack – too possess superhuman abilities. When Bob receives a mysterious job offer to resume his superhero duties, he leaps at the chance. However, he gets tangled in a trap set by the villainous Syndrome, who wants to eliminate all the superheroes. The movie blends exhilarating action sequences with heartwarming family dynamics and humour.

3. Krrish – YouTube

The list of original superhero movies includes Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra’s Krrish, a sequel to the blockbuster Koi… Mil Gaya. The movie tells the story of Krishna Mehra, a young man with superhuman abilities inherited from his father, Rohit Mehra, who was exposed to extra-terrestrial forces in the previous movie. Living in a remote village with his grandmother, Krishna lives an ordinary life away from the public eye. When Krishna meets a journalist named Priya, he falls in love with her and follows her to Singapore. He assumes the identity of Krrish to protect his secret after saving people during a circus fire. Dr Arya, Rohit’s colleague, discovers Krishna’s abilities and seeks to exploit them for his nefarious plans. Krrish is forced to come out in the open after Dr Arya kidnaps Priya and learns a shocking secret about his father. The movie is filled with action-packed battles, breathtaking stunts, and dazzling special effects. 

4. A Flying Jatt – ZEE5

Aman Dhillon (Tiger Shroff) is a young martial arts teacher who discovers he has superhuman powers after an encounter with a mystical tree. Despite his newfound abilities, he is hesitant to embrace his destiny as a superhero and prefers to lead a normal life. A powerful industrialist, Mr Malhotra, wants Aman’s family land and when he refuses to sell it, he sends a hitman, Raka (Nathan Jones), to kill him. But, while fighting with Aman, Raka gets exposed to toxic waste and gains superhuman strength. When Raka creates destruction in the community, Aman transforms into the superhero, Flying Jatt, to protect the people.

5. Unbreakable – Disney+ Hotstar

Bruce Willis plays David Dunn, a security guard who learns of his superhuman abilities after surviving a fatal accident. Samuel L. Jackson stars as Elijah Price, a comic book art dealer with a rare genetic disorder that makes his bones extremely fragile. With the help of Elijah Price, who believes that David is a real-life superhero, David begins to explore the extent of his abilities and his purpose in life. As David embraces his newfound identity as a superhero, Elijah serves as both mentor and antagonist, pushing David to confront his fears and fulfil his destiny as a protector. M. Night Shyamalan’s trademark twists and storytelling make the movie a thought-provoking exploration of good and evil.

6. Darkman – Amazon Prime Video

Dr Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson) is a brilliant scientist who becomes the vigilante Darkman after a horrific accident leaves him disfigured. He uses his intelligence and his ability to mimic other people’s appearance by using synthetic skin to infiltrate criminal organisations and seek revenge on those responsible for his suffering. As Darkman enters the dangerous world of crime, he meets his nemesis, the ruthless mobster Robert Durant (Larry Drake), who wants to destroy him at any cost. Along the way, Darkman forms a connection with his former girlfriend, Julie Hastings, who becomes entangled in his quest for vengeance. Sam Raimi’s dynamic direction and Liam Neeson’s compelling performance with the inventive blend of action and dark humour turned this unique superhero movie into a cult classic.

7. Sky High – Disney+ Hotstar

Will Stronghold, the teenage son of two legendary superheroes, is starting his freshman year at Sky High, a high school for students with superpowers. However, he hasn’t developed any powers yet and is labelled as a ‘sidekick’ rather than a ‘hero’ like his parents. As Will struggles to find his place at Sky High, he learns of a plot by a sinister supervillain to take over the school and destroy the balance between heroes and sidekicks. With the help of his friends and family, Will fights to save Sky High and prove himself as a hero. This coming-of-age movie is a light-hearted take on the superhero genre.

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