The Joker taunts Detective Maggie Sawyer about the pain he caused by making a joke about Sarah Essen-Gordon.
To justify his actions, the Joker simply says, “Here’s to crime,” after shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon.
The Joker’s confession about using crushed glass and the prolonged screams of his victim provides a glimpse into the horrors he is responsible for.

What other villain in the DC Universe is as bone-chilling or as murderous as the Joker? Since the day he debuted, the Clown Prince of Crime has been haunting the world with his numerous twisted schemes, capers, and plots. Thanks to his grim sense of humor, the Joker sees his exploits as nothing but a demented form of entertainment.

Every so often, the Joker utters a quote that reflects his terrifying worldview or provides some look into his unique psychology. Whether tormenting innocent people or rationalizing his horrible crimes, read on to discover 15 of the Joker’s most terrifying quotes in DC history.

15 “Ask Sarah Essen-Gordon.”

In Gotham Central #15 by Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark, the Joker is hauled in for questioning and Maggie Sawyer asks what it is with Joker and children. Not missing a beat, Joker replies “Every clown loves kids, Captain. Just ask Sarah Essen-Gordon. Oh, that’s right, you can’t!“. Years after he murdered Jim Gordon’s wife, the Joker can’t help himself but crack a joke about the pain he caused.

14 “Here’s to Crime”

The Joker infamously shot and paralyzed Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. After shooting her, Barbara asks the villain why he’s doing this. “To prove a point. Here’s to crime.” is all the Joker says to justify his actions. This line is cruel and uncaring and reminds readers that Barbara’s life changed forever just so Joker could prove his most horrifying theory was true.

13 “He Didn’t Die all at Once”

In Joker: Devil’s Advocate by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan, the Joker is on death row and is being offered a final confession. However, the Joker’s numerous misdeeds make the priest recoil in fear. The Joker confesses “…and he didn’t die all at once. It was hours before the screaming stopped. I almost didn’t get to sleep that night. That was the last time I’d used crushed glass.“. This was just a small glimpse into the ocean of horrors Joker is responsible for.

12 “This is Going to Hurt You”

The Joker murdered Jason Todd in Batman #427 by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo. But before blowing Robin up, Joker violently beat him with a crowbar, saying “This is going to hurt you a lot more than it does me.“. The Joker has done a lot of twisted things in his life. But this savage beating and the sick quote make this event one of Joker’s worst.

11 “When it’s Funny”

In “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” by Neil Gaiman and Andy Kubert, the Joker asks a local to keep an eye on his car. Fearing the Joker will kill him the local says no. But as Joker says, “I kill when it’s funny. What would conceivably be funny about killing you?“. This line reminds readers that there is a particular method to the Joker’s madness.

10 “His Name Was Jason, Right?”

In Joker: Last Laugh #6 by Chuck Dixon and Rick Burchett, Nightwing unleashes his rage on the Harlequin of Hate, pummeling the villain over and over. However, Dick Grayson doesn’t break Joker’s funny bone as the clown replies “I hit Jason a lot harder than that. His name was Jason, right?“. This line really showcases just how aware the Joker is of the pain he caused the Bat-Family when he killed Jason Todd.

9 “One by One”

During the Joker and Batman’s first confrontation in Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker and Doug Mahnke, Batman and Jim Gordon discover a message left behind by the villain: “One by one, they’ll hear my call, then this wicked town, will follow my fall.“. It’s unsettling and quite poetic, but also a chilling reminder of the desire Joker has to drag everything down into the darkness with him.

8 “Differently Sane”

In Batman and Robin #14 by Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving, Damian Wayne has just been poisoned by the Joker. The villain tells the petrified Robin, “I’m not mad at all. I’m just differently sane.” as he kidnaps the boy and makes a daring escape. This line excellently captures Joker’s twisted point of view and posits the idea that in his mind, he’s the only sane person in a mad world.

7 “It Was as Easy as…”

When the Joker tricked Superman into killing a pregnant Lois Lane, he showed no remorse in Injustice: Gods Among Us #4 by Tom Taylor and Mike S. Miller. To him, orchestrating the event was surprisingly easy. “It was as easy as beating a puppy to death with a kitten.“. This disturbing line reveals that there is no limit for the Joker, nor any despicable depth he won’t sink to.

Batman revealed how badly he wants to punish the Joker for his horrifying deeds in Batman #650 by Judd Winick and Eric Battle. After hearing the torture Batman wants to inflict on Joker, the villain replies “Aw, y’see, I’ve thought about that too.“. The Joker lives to corrupt, and nothing would make his final moments happier than knowing that he’s finally gotten Batman to break his no-kill rule.

5 “Who’s the Real Sicko, America?”

In Joker’s Asylum: The Joker #1 by Arvid Nelson and Alex Sanchez, the Joker takes over a game show and exposes a producer willing to let people die for ratings. Near the end of the broadcast, he asks “So, who’s the real sicko, America?” and taunts the viewer for watching his exploits. It’s creepy to see Joker call out those who enjoy reading stories involving the mass-murdering psychopath.

4 “A Place for You Here”

Joker doesn’t beat around the bush with Batman in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth by Grant Morrison and Dave McKean. As the Dark Knight leaves the facility, the Joker reminds him “Just don’t forget, if it ever gets too tough…there’s always a place for you here.“. The Joker knows that he and Batman live in the same twisted realm, and the eerie invitation reveals just how much Joker empathizes with his greatest enemy.

3 “I Laughed and Blew it Out”

In Batman: Shadow of the Bat #37 by Alan Grant and Barry Kitson, a document from Joke’s file recounts a particular dream the Joker had. In his dream about the darkness he says, “A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out.” This line embodies the chaotic nature of the Joker and the cruel joy he finds in his work.

2 “You’ll Always Have Me”

The Joker knows that he and Batman are two sides of the same coin. In Batman: Confidential #12 by Michael Green and Denys Cowan, Batman has Joker placed in Arkham. As Batman listens to the Joker from afar, the villain reminds his foe “…you’ll never be sad and you’ll never be lonely. You’ll always have me to dance with.“. Joker knows that no matter what happens, he and Batman are eternally tethered to one another.

It’s the Joker’s ultimate thesis and something fans know by heart. At the climax of Moore and Bolland’s The Killing Joke, the villain tells Batman that “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy“. While Joker’s plan doesn’t succeed in breaking Commission Gordon, it’s chilling that the Joker seriously believes others are just as capable of the same depravity as he is.

The Joker is undoubtedly DC’s creepiest foe, and these 15 lines reaffirm his place as one of the scariest villains around.

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