‘True Blood’ Stars Who Played Marvel or DC Characters


“True Blood” premiered on HBO in September 2008 and ran for seven seasons.
A bunch of cast members have also played characters in Marvel or DC Comics projects.
Anna Paquin (Sookie on “True Blood”) is also known for starring as Rogue in the “X-Men” films.

Eight years before making her debut as a telepath named Sookie Stackhouse on “True Blood,” Anna Paquin made her first appearance as Rogue in the 2000 “X-Men” movie.

HBO; 20th Century Studios

Paquin starred as the mutant in “X-Men” (2000), “X2: X-Men United” (2003), and “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006).

She reprised the role in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” which was released the same year that “True Blood” came to an end.

Rutina Wesley, who played Sookie’s best friend named Tara Thornton, guest-starred on two episodes of the CW series “Arrow.”


On “Arrow,” based on DC Comics characters, Wesley played a sergeant of the Star City Police Department named Liza Warner.

Joe Manganiello joined “True Blood” on season three as a werewolf named Alcide Herveaux. He also has experience playing comic-book characters.

HBO; Columbia Picture; Warner Bros.

Prior to “True Blood,” Manganiello starred as Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” trilogy.

After the hit HBO drama ended, the actor got cast as the villain Slade Wilson/Deathstroke in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

He made his first appearance in the end credits scene of the 2017 movie “Justice League.” Manganiello also played the character in Zack Snyder’s 2021 cut of “Justice League.”

“Birds of Prey” star Jurnee Smollett portrayed Nicole Wright on the last two seasons of “True Blood.”

HBO; Warner Bros.

Her “True Blood” character was the cofounder of the Vampire Unity Society, which focused on supporting the rights of supernatural creatures.

Six years after the vampire series ended, Smollett starred as the iconic DC Comics character Dinah Lance/Black Canary in the 2020 film “Birds of Prey.”

Marvel fans will recognize Deborah Ann Woll for her role as Karen Page on the “Daredevil” series, but before that, she played a vampire on “True Blood.”

HBO; Netflix/Marvel

Woll joined “True Blood” later in season one as Jessica Hamby, a woman whom Bill turned into a vampire.

In addition to starring as Bon Temps sheriff Bud Dearborne, William Sanderson also did voice work for “Batman: The Animated Series.”

HBO; Warner Bros. Animation

Sanderson voiced the character Karl Rossum, a tech genius, on “Batman: The Animated Series.”

On “True Blood,” Jim Parrack starred as Hoyt Fortenberry, one of the few genuinely decent guys in Bon Temps.

HBO; Warner Bros.

Frost, Parrack’s character in the 2016 movie “Suicide Squad,” was one of the Joker’s goons — making him vastly different than Hoyt.

Kristin Bauer, who played a vampire named Pam De Beaufort on “True Blood,” voiced Mera on the animated “Justice League” show.

HBO; Warner Bros. Animation

Bauer’s “True Blood” character was the coowner of a vampire club called Fangtasia in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Actor Janina Gavankar guest-starred on both “True Blood” and “Arrow.”


She joined “True Blood” as a shapeshifter named Luna Garza on season four.

Gavankar later guest-starred as Detective McKenna Hall on a few episodes of season one of “Arrow.”

Kevin Alejandro joined season three of “True Blood” as a brujo named Jes?s Vel?zquez. He later portrayed a DC Comics villain on “Arrow.”


Alejandro starred as Sebastian Blood/Brother Blood on season two of “Arrow.”

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