Ben Affleck’s successful portrayal of Batman in the DCEU makes him a strong candidate for other iconic roles in the rebooted DC Universe.
Casting Affleck in a different role could help alleviate some concerns about the upcoming DCU reboot and appease fans of his Batman character.
Affleck’s experience and continued popularity make him a great choice for various DC Universe characters, showcasing his versatility and talent as an actor.

With Ben Affleck officially finished in the role of Batman, there are a number of roles that the actor would be perfect for within the rebooted DC Universe. Ben Affleck’s tenure as Batman may not have been long-lasting, but it certainly proved that the actor is more than capable of bringing an iconic comic book character to life in live action. Though Affleck’s brooding Batman initially proved somewhat divisive, he was able to win over many fans with his dark and nuanced performance in the role of the DCEU’s Dark Knight. However, with the DCEU being rebooted into the DCU, Affleck could return to play a very different role.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Affleck will return at all, but considering the popularity of his Batman, keeping the actor on board in a different role could appease some of the apprehension about the impending DCU reboot. The movies of the DCEU showcased Affleck’s talent for bringing on-screen depth to characters adapted from the comics, and his previous credits also offer insight into the variety of roles he could potentially play. Though recasting Affleck into the DCU may be unlikely, his experience and continued popularity still make him a great choice. Here are 10 DC Universe characters that Ben Affleck can play now that he’s done with Batman.

10 Ra’s Al Ghul

Though Affleck appeared as Batman in the franchise, the movie timeline of the DCEU failed to introduce any representation of the hero’s infamous rogues’ gallery outside Leto’s Joker. Affleck would actually prove an excellent casting choice for recurring Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Shadows made immortal by his use of the Lazarus Pit. The character seems likely to appear in the DCU given James Gunn’s choice to adapt The Brave and the Bold, and Affleck’s casting could be a meta way of acknowledging his casting within DC Universes – like Ra’s al Ghul, Affleck could make an unexpected return to life in the franchise.

9 Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex may not be the most famous DC character, but James Gunn has already voiced his appreciation for the hero and teased his potential appearance in the DCU. Ben Affleck would be excellent in the role, as Hex’s serious nature would perfectly suit Affleck’s general acting style, with the actor’s ability to inject deadpan humor into similarly dour roles already clearly displayed during his turn as Batman. What’s more, Jonah Hex’s 19th-century setting would also alleviate any potential confusion over his appearance in the rebooted DCU.

8 Lex Luthor

He may not be the first actor that springs to mind as a villain, but Ben Affleck is no stranger to antagonistic roles in his movies. Films like Dogma and Runner Runner demonstrate Affleck’s ability to play calculating and powerful villains, with his natural charisma making him a surprisingly sound choice to play Superman’s greatest adversary. What’s more, Affleck’s huge Hollywood profile would seem fitting for a character of Lex Luthor’s stature, making him an unorthodox but subtly perfect choice for the role in the DCU.

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7 Atom

Ben Affleck’s movie career has largely earned him a reputation as somewhat one-note, often playing overly serious and stoic characters across multiple genres. However, casting Affleck in the role of Atom within the rebooted DCU could work twofold: the perceived disconnect between Affleck’s profile and the less serious hero would increase interest in the DCU, and Affleck would also secretly be perfect in the role. Though it’s often overlooked, Affleck has proven that he packs something of a comedic punch, making him a quietly brilliantly choice for the DCU’s Atom.

6 Hawk (Hank Hall)

James Gunn’s apparent willingness to explore lesser-known DC characters could see him adapt the story of Hawk to the big screen, and few actors would fit the role as well as Affleck could. In many ways, Hawk is similar to Affleck’s Batman – he’s brutal, intense, and enjoys engaging in vigilantism. As Affleck has already shown, he’s capable of bringing a level of intensity to such a role, casting him as Hank Hall in the DCU would be an interesting way of bringing the actor back to the rebooted franchise.

5 Carmine Falcone

The character of Carmine Falcone is often presented as one of Gotham’s most important figures, and Affleck’s history of playing roles involving organized crime certainly qualifies him for the role. Affleck’s own status as a proud Boston native might feed into a more Capone-esque take on the iconic mobster, but Affleck’s ability to bring criminal characters to life makes him a contender for the DCU’s Falcone. It would certainly require a little creative writing, but it’s a casting that undoubtedly plays to Affleck’s strengths.

4 Jor-El

Considering everything known about Superman: Legacy, it’s not likely that Jor-El will play a big role in the upcoming DCU movie, given that it will skip through Superman’s origin story. However, should an actor be needed to play the part of Superman’s biological father, Affleck would be a reasonable choice for the role. Not only does he possess many Superman-esque features (and even briefly donned the suit when playing George Reeves in Hollywoodland), but he’d be able to capture and communicate Jor-El’s sense of purpose and responsibility in even a small role.

3 Hawkman

When it comes to DC heroes, few characters would suit an actor like Ben Affleck as well as Hawkman. Affleck proved in his stint as Batman that he’s willing to pack on muscle for a role, and the grit and intensity of Hawkman is something that Affleck could readily provide. Should the DCU introduce Hawkman as the gruff older hero he’s often portrayed as, Affleck would be a more than suitable candidate to bring the immortal hero to life in the rebooted franchise.

2 Black Mask

Black Mask is far from Batman’s most famous adversary, but he may well make an appearance in the rebooted universe. The villain serves as both the head of his own crime family and a ruthless, violent villain in his own right, and Affleck has proven in previous roles that he possesses the tools to bring the character to life. Combining Affleck’s turn as a bank-robbing criminal in The Town with the manic and complex energy of his character in Surviving Christmas offers a rough outline of why Affleck would be a perfect Black Mask in the DCU, even if he seems an unlikely choice.

1 Perry White

As one of DC’s most exciting upcoming movies, Superman: Legacy will do more than just reboot the franchise: it will introduce new versions of a number of iconic characters. Daily Planet editor Perry White is one of Superman’s longest-standing supporting characters, and Affleck would be perfect for the role. Given his age and his ability to appear perpetually world-weary, Ben Affleck more than looks the part and could excellently embody the grouchy editor with a secret heart of gold in the new and improved DC Universe.

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