The Teen Titans should be included in the DC Universe to provide a contrast to the more mature stories of the Justice League, featuring characters like Blue Beetle and Damian Wayne.
The Secret Six would be a great choice for a villain team in the DC Universe, as they are relatively obscure but also feature popular characters like Catman and Harley Quinn.
The Titans could serve as a replacement for the Justice League in the DC Universe’s future, with Nightwing leading the team and characters like Wally West and Donna Troy becoming the new line of defense.

The new DC Universe should include multiple teams from the comics, and some pop up as perfect fits for James Gunn’s DC plans. Last January, Gunn announced the first projects in the DC Universe’s movie and TV slate. On the movie side, things start with Gunn’s own Superman: Legacy in 2025, followed by The Authority, The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and Swamp Thing. The DC Universe’s shows should get started earlier than the films, thanks to the animated Creature Commandos, which is aiming for a 2024 release. The DCU’s announced live-action series include Waller, Booster Gold, Paradise Lost, and Lanterns.

DC Studios chiefs Gunn and Peter Safran are currently figuring out the next ten years of the DC Universe. Gunn has previously talked about how there is a group of writers in charge of charting the DC Universe’s overarching story, which means that the several new heroes that will be introduced as the DCU goes on should be frequently crossing over, resulting in multiple teams debuting in the future. While the DC Universe’s slate already announced a couple of them — The Authority and the Green Lantern Corps — and the DCU’s new Justice League is a given, there are 10 other DC teams that could suit Gunn’s DC Universe.

10 Teen Titans

As one of DC’s most popular teams, the Teen Titans need to be in the DC Universe. Multiple members of the team have already been confirmed or teased to be a part of the upcoming DCU. The Teen Titans could include the DC Universe’s first movie character — Xolo Maridue?a’s Blue Beetle — as well as The Brave and the Bold‘s Damian Wayne as Robin, the titular hero from Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and more. By featuring the Teen Titans, the DCU would get an ongoing team of young heroes to contrast the more mature stories of the Justice League and other adult heroes, adding variety to the DCU.

9 Secret Six

Among the possible DC Universe villain teams, the Secret Six would be the best choice for the DCU. The most popular iteration of the Secret Six in DC Comics had as members Catman, Deadshot, Cheshire, Rag Doll, Scandal Savage, and a Parademon. The Mad Hatter and Harley Quinn were also part of that version of the team’s roster at different times. The Secret Six is an obscure enough team to fit Gunn’s usual operating style with comic book properties while also featuring some popular DC characters, making it the perfect team to add levity to the DC Universe’s villain side.

8 The Terrifics

The Terrifics is currently the most likely unannounced team, other than the Justice League, to be appearing during the DC Universe”s Chapter 1. Two members of the team are confirmed to be part of Superman: Legacy‘s cast, with Edi Gathegi’s Mister Terrific and Anthony Carrigan’s Metamorpho debuting in the DC Universe’s first film. With Gunn — as the writer/director of Superman: Legacy — personally handling those heroes’ debut, it seems likely that The Terrifics are not only on the way, but the team will play an important role in the DCU. The Terrifics’ members also include Plastic Man and Phantom Girl. The odd team is a match for Gunn’s comedic style.

7 Justice League International

The Justice League International is a version of DC’s most famous team that represents the Justice League’s global status. Among its members are a few heroes that have been confirmed to show up in the DC Universe. With Booster Gold getting his own series, Nathan Fillion playing the Green Lantern Guy Gardner in Superman: Legacy, a new Batman being cast for The Brave and the Bold, and Blue Beetle‘s post-credits scene teasing Ted Kord, the Justice League International could be on the way. With Tom King as one of the DCU’s architects, his The Human Target comic series could be the perfect source material for the JLI’s introduction.

6 Justice League Dark

The DC Universe’s Swamp Thing movie could be the perfect setup for the Justice League Dark. This version of the JL is made up of characters that are uniquely equipped to deal with supernatural and mystic threats. With Gunn wanting the new DCU to be more in line with the comics than the previous DCEU ever was, establishing different corners of the DC Universe is vital, and the Justice League Dark could feature popular heroes like Zatanna and Constantine alongside whoever gets cast as Swamp Thing for director James Mangold’s film.

5 Checkmate

Viola Davis will return as Amanda Waller in the new DC universe, leading her Waller series on Max. Continuing from the character’s DCEU arc, Waller could be after the rogue members who disobeyed her orders in Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. That’s where Checkmate comes in. The team was created by Waller in the comics as an independent branch of Task Force X — the Suicide Squad — but it could serve as its successor in the new DC Universe. Waller could feature the reveal of Checkmate, with Amanda Waller sending a team of characters like Deathstroke after Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Ratcatcher 2, and King Shark for payback.

4 Justice Society Of America

The Justice Society of America had just debuted in the DCEU in Black Adam, with Shazam! Fury of the Gods revealing that the team was being set up to have a big future before Gunn’s DC Universe reboot was announced. Despite the DCEU’s end, the Justice Society of America could still appear. As a standout in Black Adam, Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate could be retconned into being alive in the DC Universe. To add variety, the Justice Society of America could appear in the DCU’s past, using characters like Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman, and Isabela Merced’s Hawkgirl to connect it with projects set in the present.

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3 Legion Of Super-Heroes

Taking a page from the animated Tomorrowverse continuity’s Legion of Super-Heroes movie, Gunn’s DC Universe could see Kara Danvers spin out of her upcoming debut film — Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow — into a time-traveling adventure that sends her to the DCU’s future. The Legion of Super-Heroes is a team from the 30th and 31st century that often features characters from the Superman family as guests, including Clark Kent, Supergirl, and the Superboys — Conner Kent and Jonathan Kent. With David Corenswet’s Superman leading the DC Universe’s first movie, the hero will likely be reserved for the Justice League, leaving Kara to possibly shine with the Legion of Super-Heroes.

2 Birds Of Prey

After Birds of Prey found middling financial success, they could be brought back and made more in line with the comics. Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is one of DC’s most popular castings ever, which means she will probably be back for Gunn’s DC Universe. Harley’s DCU team could be a new iteration of the Birds of Prey. Whether the roles are recast or not, Huntress and Black Canary could be part of the team, with Barbara Gordon as either Oracle or Batgirl appearing to make up for her notable absence from the original film. With the Bat-Family appearing in the DCU, the new Birds of Prey roster could be possible.

1 Titans

The team that should eventually serve as the replacement for the DC Universe’s Justice League is the Titans. The team consists of the original members of the Teen Titans. Going by Damian Wayne’s debut in The Brave and the Bold, as well as Gunn’s social media teases and Bat-Family comments, Nightwing should be part of the DCU to lead the Titans. Much like DC Comics, where the Titans are currently taking over for the Justice League, heroes like Nightwing, Wally West, Donna Troy, and more could become the DCU’s first line of defense after Gunn’s 10-year plan ends, setting up an organic next chapter for the DC Universe.

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