Batman Day is here and TNT is celebrating with a complete The Dark Knight Trilogy marathon to celebrate. Right now, on the cable network, you can catch Batman Begins, followed by The Dark Knight at 1pm ET, and The Dark Knight Rises closes things out at 4:30pm ET. So, if you love the Christian Bale version of Batman, there’s a ton of couch time just waiting for you over at TNT. Elsewhere, there are live Batman Day events in cities like London and New York City. Unfortunately, not ever DC Comics fans live in a major metropolis. So, they can all chill out with The Dark Knight while it celebrates its 15th anniversary. 

Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies have only grown in popularity over the years. His work with the Bale version of Bruce Wayne has inspired a lot of the takes on The Caped Crusader that come afterward. From Robert Pattinson’s brooding Dark Knight in The Batman to countless comics designs after the Nolan trilogy hit theaters, the inspiration is all around. To wit, when a lot of people think of the Batmobile now, they imagine the tumbler’s bulky frame rather than the rocket powered sports cars of yesteryear. That influence isn’t likely to die down any time soon.

Would Christian Bale Return as Batman?

In an era where multiverse stories are all the rage, the question of if Bale would return to the cape and cowl has come up multiple times. In a previous interview with‘s Brandon Davis, the actor explained that he would only come back to be Batman with Christopher Nolan along for the ride. That makes a lot of sense, as performers of his stature really have to be wowed by a part to sign on. That goes double for a property as critically acclaimed as The Dark Knight trilogy was.  So, fans might never get to see him play Bruce Wayne again. But, you can never say never.

“No, no, no. Nobody, nobody reaches out to me or they keep me like a mushroom, keep me in the dark and feed me sh-t,” Bale joked with “For me, that would be a matter of Chris Nolan, if he ever decided to do it again and if he chose to come my way again, then yeah, I would consider it because that was always our pact between each other is we would just stick to it. We said we would only ever make three. And then I said to myself, and I’d only ever make it with Chris.”

What Else Is Streaming For Batman Day?

(Photo: DC)

It’s a Batman Day overload on Max, as tons of Batman goodness has been put into the spotlight for the big day. Warner Bros. Discovery is in the midst of their 100th Anniversary celebration and Batman is a big part of their brand. So, there’s more cinematic heroics than you can shake a stick at over on Max. Also of note for older Batman fans is the presence of multiple animated adventures that rank the highest among fan opinion to scroll through as well. Here’s what else Max has in store for Bat-fans down below:

“Max is offering a robust and incredible selection of live-action and animated movies, plus streaming series that celebrate the Dark Knight and Gotham City, including such blockbuster movies as Matt Reeves’s The Batman (airing on HBO September 16 at 1:45 pm); the films by Tim Burton, Batman and Batman Returns; Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises; Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and more. Fans of Batman in animation can look forward to an equally huge lineup of titles, including the complete Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham, Batman: Hush, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, The LEGO® Batman Movie, and others. For a complete lineup of Batman content for Batman Day, be sure and check out the Batman Day hub at”

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