The first issue of DC‘s latest Titans series had Beast Boy change into a Kaiju-size lizard. As impressive as this was, Garfield Logan just topped himself by thinking smaller.

Titans #3 by Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, and Annette Kwok opens with a scene where Nightwing and Beast Boy infiltrate the Church of Eternity. To give Nightwing an opening past the church’s security, Garfield Logan enters the building as a swarm of flies. He then changes into an army of ants to drive off the guard watching the monitors.

(Image Credit: DC)

This is not the first time that Garfield Logan has changed into multiple creatures in the comics. In previous Teen Titans comics, he changed into a cluster of barnacles and other swarms of insects. However, it is still a rare enough event to be notable. It is also a measure of how versatile and powerful Beast Boy truly is.

Most shapeshifters in superhero comics are able to change their form but not their mass. No matter what their appearance, they still have the same weight and strength as their true self. Beast Boy is one of the rare few who can control his mass along with his shape. In truth, he doesn’t shapeshift but transforms into whatever creature he wants to become. The fact that he can split his consciousness and become multiple creatures (albeit small ones) is also unique.

(Image Credit: DC)

This reminder of Beast Boy’s potential is quite timely, with Garfield Logan set to take center stage in the next Dawn of DC event, Beast World. Details about the series, which is scheduled to begin in November 2023, are still sparse beyond it spinning out of the current Titans series. The series will also introduce a new cosmic menace, the Necrostar, which has ties to both Stafire‘s homeworld of Tamaran and The Red that empowers Garfield Logan.

Titans #3 is now available at comic shops everywhere.

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