The Joker is among the most terrifying villains in all fiction and this haunting gallery of art proves it. There is a reason why Batman has the most infamous rogues gallery in comics. While iconic and scary villains like Two-Face, Clayface, and Scarecrow use fear as a weapon, this artwork shows the Clown Prince of Crime exemplifies what it means to be afraid of the inner self.

The incredibly talented artist Mark Chilcott (@markchilcottart) brings the Joker to unheard levels of horror with his digital water painting style.

Their artwork for the Joker looks like what a poor, unlucky resident of Gotham might see were they to be dosed with the Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin, and then have the double misfortune of encountering the Joker.

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The Joker Is Worse Than Fear Itself

The melting face style makes it feel like the Clown could strike through the screen at any moment. Each image is a homage to a familiar version of the Joker. The twisted Joker smile on each artwork is enough to remind fans of how scary he can be. These water-style paintings take fans back to arguably the scariest version of the Joker, from the New 52. The writing of Scott Synder combined with Greg Capullo’s haunting artwork created the New 52 Joker, who wore his own dismembered face like a horror mask. The demented design is a clear inspiration for Mark Chilcott, who has managed to capture the body horror of Joker’s warped mask and smile.

Joker: A Reflection of Evil

These portraits seem to focus on the Joker’s presentation as the ultimate villain, but as a showcase of madness at its peak. Madness is what drives the Joker to be the perfect monster. A noticeable reference in this beautiful gallery is the birth of the Joker in Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s Batman: The Killing Joke. It features the unnamed comedian looking at his clown transformation from the ACE chemicals in his body. A reflection of a twisted Joker smile plastered across his face and a wicked laugh as he takes joy in his terrifying image. Nothing is more terrifying than a simple man driven to the point of insanity thanks to one day of terrible events.

Mark Chilcott’s art is more than effective in framing the Joker as realistic and scary as possible. What this talented artist does with the Joker is combine the nightmarish designs of the character and frame them as artwork that belongs in a supervillain gallery. Taking inspiration from The Killing Joke, The Batman Who Laughs, The New 52 and the Arkham Games, these stories present the Joker at his most maniacal and scary. All heroes and villains fear what they are truly capable of, but The Joker simply laughs and welcomes that kind of fun with a demented smile, welcolming calamity into his waiting arms.

Source: Markchilcottart via Instagram (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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