Customization in Destiny 2 reaches new levels as players recreate famous characters like DC Comics’ Raven, showcasing inventiveness with the game’s armor pieces and shaders.
Reddit user iixVanquishxX transformed their Hunter into Raven with Pathfinder’s Helmet, Parade Cloak, and other tailored armor pieces.

An inventive Destiny 2 player has used the game’s resources to make their version of Raven from Teen Titans. As happens with most MMOs, Destiny 2 players find various pieces of armor to protect their Guardians from danger. These armor pieces have become a very popular aspect of Destiny 2 due to their intricate designs, piquing players’ creativity when it comes to changing the look of their characters.

Because of this, the Destiny 2 community has become very famous for its inventiveness in transforming the Guardians into different characters, such as Raven. A beloved character among DC Comics fans, Raven is a human-demon hybrid and one of the founding members of the New Teen Titans. Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Raven’s first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980. Since then, the character has made multiple appearances in different media, such as the games Injustice and LEGO Batman.


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Reddit user iixVanquishxX shared their version of a Hunter costume that transformed the Guardian into DC Comics’ Raven. The setup used by the player is more reminiscent of Raven from Teen Titans, an animated series that aired on Cartoon Network in 2003 and ran for five seasons. The OP makes clever use of the customization options to reproduce Raven’s hood, as well as the character’s iconic legless leotard. The helmet worn by the player’s Hunter is another highlight, as the white eyes are reminiscent of Raven’s eyes when she uses her powers.

The version created by the player uses the Pathfinder’s Helmet and the Warrior’s Memorial Cuirass, which helps recreate Raven’s leotard impressively by including a version of the DC heroine’s belt. For the hands, the player went with the Wrong Hands gloves and equipped the Viper’s Zeal Strides boots. The Parade Cloak completes the look, giving Hunter a very impressive appearance. To give the Hunter’s armor tones that resemble Raven’s outfit, the player uses the Celestial Dome, Tyrian Abyss, and Valor at Dusk shaders. Another shader they used was Superblack, a classic Destiny shader that returned with the release of Destiny 2: Into the Light, and remains a top option among players.

Customization has become a very popular aspect over the years, reaching impressive levels in titles other than Destiny 2. There’s no shortage of examples, such as Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3, and Diablo 4, with Diablo 4 players recreating famous pop-culture characters within the game.

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