How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are set-up to assure you don’t miss any issues of your favorite titles. We pull your desired issues, charge your account, package and ship your items securely to you each month. Here’s how our Subscription Service works:

Subscription Item Selection

1. A valid form of payment (credit or debit card) must be on file prior to your first order being placed.
2. Access Pre-Orders and select the issue of titles you wish to subscribe to.
3. Add them to your cart.
4. Check the “Subscription” option next to the title.
*If more than one regular issue of the title appears amongst the selections please select only one for Subscription Service.
*Refresh screen to assure all were added to your cart. If not, please manually add them.
5. Send in this order for the current issue(s).
6. Your subscription begins with the next issue and you will receive all future regular issues of that title automatically.

Subscription Service Administration

1. Near the beginning of each month we update our website with new Pre-Order items. When this is done, your cart will be updated with any of your subscription items that are available for the month.
2. On the 5th of each month, we will send you an email confirmation listing your subscription items available for the month, as well as your subscription titles that have no issues available. It is important to check this email carefully to ensure that both lists are correct. You can make any changes to your current subscriptions until the 11th of each month.
3. If you haven’t already placed an order, on the 12th of each month we will automatically place an order for your available subscription items (if you placed an order previously in the month that included subscription items, those items will not be ordered for you again). ONLY SUBSCRIPTION ITEMS WILL BE ORDERED FOR YOU AT THIS TIME. You will still need to place a regular order for any non-subscription items remaining in your cart.

What titles can I subscribe to?

Any item in your cart with a check box next to it is available as a subscription. Items with no check box are not Backlist as subscriptions (though they may be added in the future), and subscriptions cannot be started on “Previously Listed” items.

What do I get when I subscribe to a title?

1. Subscriptions are for regular issues of a title only.
2.) Web Super Specials, Variants, alternate covers, sets, incentives, Annuals and limited editions of titles are not included in subscriptions.
3.) You must order these special issues separately if you wish to receive them.
4.) If you have added multiple issues of a title to your cart, you only need to check one of the subscription boxes for that title to get all future regular issues.

Can I subscribe to a title I have already ordered this month?

If it is a current item (one you’ve already ordered this month), you can still make it a subscription title. Here’s how:
1. Log into your account and add the item to your cart again. It will be displayed with the notation “previously ordered.”
2. Go to your cart and click on the “Subscription” check box to indicate you’d like a subscription to this title. Recalculating your cart will now display the title in the bottom section of your cart titled “Subscription Items Not Listed (or already ordered) This Month.”
3. You can now delete the copy that is in your cart, and your subscription to that title will start with the next issue.
4. If there are multiple regular issues of a current title available and you only ordered one and then created a subscription to that title, you will need to place an order for any of the other issues you would like to receive. They will not be added to your cart automatically using this procedure.

How do I keep track of the titles I subscribe to?

Titles that you currently subscribe to will be displayed in the bottom Subscription section of your cart whenever you are logged into your account. If you indicated you would like a subscription to a title in a previous month but did not actually place an order for it, that title will be displayed in your cart, marked as a subscription, the next time an issue is available. You will need to place an order for that issue to start your subscription.

How do I change or cancel a subscription?

To change a subscription, log into your account, go to your cart and enter a new quantity in the “Subscription” box for the title you would like to change.

To cancel a subscription, change the quantity for that title to zero, or uncheck the “Subscription” box. You may change or cancel a subscription at any time, but remember that any changes made after the 12th of the month won’t be applied until the following month.

When will my credit card be charged?

Orders for subscription items will be processed and ordered on the 12th of each month, and your credit card will be charged at that time.

Can I order additional copies of an issue on a title I already subscribe to?

Yes! Just add the additional copies to your cart and place the order normally. You should not change the subscription quantity in your cart unless you wish to receive more copies of that title every month. As always, we will combine the total amount of all orders placed to determine your shipping charges, no matter how many orders you place.