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Spirit World comes to its conclusion at the end of the month, and DC has released a new preview of the book’s epic finale.

The six-issue comic by writer Alyssa Wong, artist Haining, colorist Sebastian Cheng, and letterer Janice Chiang, follows the adventures of Xanthe Zhou. A relatively new DC hero introduced in this year’s Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn, Xanthe is a spirit envoy with a connection to the realm of the dead, and the ability to bring objects from that world into physical reality by crafting them out of joss-paper.

You can check out a pair of covers for the final issue in the gallery below.

The series has seen Xanthe join forces with magician John Constantine as well as Batgirl Cassandra Cain (who is also currently a member of the new Birds of Prey line-up). The three characters have been transported into the spirit world and beset by all manner of malevolent entities in the process.

Alyssa Wong had this to say about the conclusion to the series:

“Corrupt gods, secrets of the afterlife, and the truth behind Wan Yujing – all will be revealed in the finale of Spirit World! What is Xanthe’s connection to the mysterious, dangerous Jade Court? Can Constantine and Cass Cain survive long enough to make it back to the land of the living? And what are our heroes willing to sacrifice to save themselves… and each other?”

You can check out several pages of unlettered art for the new issue in the gallery below.

DC’s official synopsis for the final issue reads:

“Xanthe, Constantine, and Batgirl realize that only one other person has defeated the monster who’s been collecting spirits by taking their memories…and it’s the person who’s responsible for creating the joss-paper money, the original currency of the Spirit World!”

Spirit World #6 is published by DC Comics on October 31.

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