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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Writer Rick Remender has signed an exclusive deal with Image Comics, meaning that for the foreseeable future, all his creator owned work will be published through Image. The deal is similar to exclusive agreements that are often offered to creators by Marvel or DC, though in this case, Remender will continue creating his own comics rather than writing corporate-owned heroes and villains.

Rick Remender first rose to prominence as a writer on his Dark Horse Comics creator owned title Fear Agent following a brief stint as a penciler and inker. From there, he became known to Marvel Comics fans as the writer of titles such as Venom, Uncanny X-Force, Uncanny Avengers, and Captain America, in which Remender wrote the story of Steve Rogers passing on his shield and mantle to Sam Wilson.

At the same time, he’s maintained a steady output of creator owned titles such as Deadly Class and Black Science, both of which were published through Image, among other titles. He’s currently got his own Image imprint named Giant Generator for his titles.

Interestingly enough, Remender states in the announcement that he “recently turned down offers to write X-Men and Batman” in order to stay with Image for the long haul.

“I’ve recently turned down very generous offers to write X-Men and Batman, and while flattered, that would ultimately be a step backwards artistically, and not where my heart is at,” Remender states. “Image takes no OWNERSHIP, so my partners and I co-own 100% of our properties.”

“It’s short-term vs long-term thinking. You want to build your own house? Make something that your children will inherit? Image is the only place,” he continues. “This contract is me saying that I bet on myself. I bet on my collaborators. I bet on our characters, stories, and owning what we make. Exclusively. With all we’ve got. Like our lives are on the line.”

Remender is currently writing The Sacrificers at Image Comics with artist Max Fiumara, and will co-write The Holy Roller with comedian Andy Samberg and musician Joe Trohman with art from Roland Boschi starting in November.

Rick Remender and Esad Ribic’s Uncanny X-Force pushed the boundaries of the X-Men franchise and remains a cult classic.

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