Batman is one of the most loved DC Superheroes. The Caped Crusader is also a superhero who has been treated fairly when it comes to having his standalone video games. That is because the Batman Arkham series was a milestone and a benchmark for superhero video games.


While there haven’t been a lot of hit superhero video games that have been phenomenal, Marvel’s Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the best superhero video games in the last decade. But, like The Dark Knight, many other superheroes from DC Comics deserve their own video game.

Shazam’s popularity has increased after the 2019 movie.

Shazam is a superhero who gained an enormous fan following in the mainstream after the 2019 movie came out. While it was the case that Billy Batson’s alter ego was known among passionate fans of the DC Superhero gallery, he was not nearly as popular as other super-friends like Batman or Wonder Woman.


Shazam also makes the list here because his powers wouldn’t be tough to implement in a video game that is executed well. For example, if a studio gave the character the Arkhamverse treatment, much like Atomic Arcade is approaching the upcoming Snake Eyes game, a game based on Shazam could be incredible.

While DC purists looked down upon the superhero’s characterization in the two main movies because of how generic it felt, it would only take a team of good writers to rectify that. And considering how Shazam is easily one of the top 5 most potent DC characters, playing with him would be so much fun.

With such a diverse ability set, the Martian deserves a game of his own.

Martian Manhunter is one of the recognizable superheroes for anyone who has watched the classic Justice League animated series or fans who watched Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League; after the revelation that General Swanwick was indeed J’onn J’onzz, the post-credit scene in Snyder Cut set up the character perfectly.


While it is unfortunate that the DC Cinematic Universe is being rebooted, Martian Manhunter hasn’t been treated well in video games, too. The superhero is also yet to receive a standalone video game. Given his popularity, at least among DC fans who have read a couple of comics or have watched animated movies apart from mainstream live-action ones like Wonder Woman and Man of Steel, it is only fair that the Martian gets a video game of his own.

From shapeshifting to telekinesis, from superhuman strength to invisibility, the superhero boasts impressive abilities, many of which have already been implemented in hit video games. So, giving him his own video game won’t be the worst idea in the world.

A Green Arrow game similar to the Batman Arkham games could be one of the best superhero games ever.

Oliver Queen / Green Arrow is another character that enjoys incredible popularity. While there is yet to appear on the silver screen, CW’s Arrow and Smallville were kind to the superhero. However, he still has no video game adaptation.


A video game like Batman Arkham City, with additional emphasis given to the portrayal of Oliver Queen, similar to Stephen Amell’s portrayal in CW’s Arrow, would make for the perfect game. And since Green Arrow has no superhuman abilities and relies on his wits, divisive strategies, and survival skills he learned on Starfish Island, it wouldn’t be the most complex game to make.

The Fastest Man Alive could be a worthy subject to a game similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Similar to Green Arrow, The Flash, also gained a lot of popularity thanks to it being branching from CW’s Arrow and then becoming one of the most successful pillars of the subsequent Arrowverse. The fastest man alive is the number one for a reason.

Executing a game based on the Scarlet Speedster may be one of the most challenging feats. There is a reason why no studio has attempted it. But that is precisely why doing so would quite literally cause a sandstorm in the superhero video game genre in a positive manner. Taking advantage of cutting-edge technologies, if an open world game for the superhero, similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man, would be a chartbuster.


There is also a lot of overlap between the the two heroes’ personalities. The Flash and the Webhead are easy-going, charming, borderline socially inept, and incredibly smart. Apart from these superheroes, which superheroes from DC Comics would you want in a standalone game? Let us know in the comments below.

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