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When Is ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ Coming Out? Where Can You Watch ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’? Does ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ Have a Trailer? Who’s In the Cast of ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’? What Is Kite Man’s Story So Far? Who’s Making ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’? Is ‘Harley Quinn’ Available to Stream on Max?

The mainline DC Universe may be getting a full reset thanks to new DC Universe co-leads James Gunn and Peter Safran, but it’s clear that some pre-existing DC Comics adaptations will be sticking around for this new era. One of the characters within this category is one you might not expect, as Harley Quinn‘s beloved and perverted Kite Man (Matt Oberg) is getting his own series. What is this spin-off show called, you may ask? A title befitting the simple-minded supervillain: Kite Man: Hell Yeah!.Before the premiere of Max’s Harley Quinn animated series, it first looked like one of the many DC animated adaptations we’ve seen time and time again. The final product was anything but, as the fan-favorite series quickly made a name for itself thanks to its satirical and incredibly adult takes on the comic brand’s infamous rogues gallery. For four seasons and counting, Harley Quinn has gifted us with a neurotic King Shark (Ron Funches), a self-absorbed Clayface (Alan Tudyk), a ludicrously unlucky Bane (James Adomaian), and many more hysterical versions of all your favorite villains. One of the many great takes on established DC characters within Harley Quinn was Kite Man, who, for obvious reasons, is one of the more laughable members in Batman’s (Diedrich Bader) coterie of supervillains.

Though Kite Man is introduced as a brainless jock, he’s actually given a surprising amount of depth and personality, making his current status as a fan favorite hardly a surprise. Despite his uptick in popularity, Kite Man has been MIA in his flagship series for quite some time, but his current whereabouts will be revealed rather soon. To learn more about the Harley Quinn spin-off series and its cast, trailer, release window, and more, here is everything we know so far about Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

When Is ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ Coming Out?

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Though Kite Man: Hell Yeah! does not have a specific release date at the time of this writing, but DC and Max have confirmed that we can expect to see Kite Man take the skies before long. Per the recently released trailer, Kite Man: Hell Yeah! will be coming (too soon) to Max, sometime in 2024.

Where Can You Watch ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’?

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Just like its preceding series, Harley Quinn, Kite Man: Hell Yeah! will be available to stream exclusively on Max. Harley Quinn has proven its immense popularity by surviving not one but two defunct streaming services, first premiering on the discontinued DC Universe before moving to the ultimately rebranded HBO Max. If you’re a DC Comics fan, Max is a must-have streaming platform, as it’s essentially your one-stop shop for all the DC Universe content you could possibly ask for. Whether you’re looking for live-action films like The Flash, animated movies like Batman: The Long Halloween, and other cartoon shows like My Adventures with Superman, there is something for DC fans of all preferences on the Warner Bros. Discovery-backed streamer.

Does ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ Have a Trailer?

The first teaser trailer for Kite Man: Hell Yeah! was released by DC and Max on September 14, 2023. Here, we see the titular Gotham City criminal lamenting about his ambitions to become a world-famous supervillain in Noonan’s – a popular hot spot for Gotham’s criminal underworld. The rest of the minute-long teaser shows Kite Man reuniting with plenty of characters from Harley Quinn, including his girlfriend Golden Glider (Cathy Ang), his supervillain colleague Bane, and even Harleen Quinzel herself, seemingly showing there are no hard feelings between the two character after Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) left him for Harley.

Who’s In the Cast of ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’?

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Returning to voice the main character of Kite Man is Matt Oberg, who actually voices several characters in the critically acclaimed series. Though Kiteman is his most prominent character, Oberg also voices Killer Croc, KG Beast, and more supporting background characters. Also expected to reprise her voice-over role as Harley Quinn is Kaley Cuoco, who has become a huge star in the world of television thanks to her parts in The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant. The last cast member confirmed to return is And Just Like That… star Cathy Ang, who was briefly introduced as Golden Glider in Season 3 of Harley Quinn. Other characters confirmed to return in Kite Man: Hell Yeah! include the Queen of Fables, Bane, and even Darkseid. They were voiced by Wanda Sykes, James Adomian, and Michael Ironside, respectively, but it hasn’t been confirmed if the actors will be reprising their voice-over roles.

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What Is Kite Man’s Story So Far?

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Kite Man made his debut in Harley Quinn all the way back in Season 1, where he quickly displayed an obvious and honestly desperate attraction to Poison Ivy. He’s constantly flirting with her, much to the eco-warrior villain’s disdain. However, miraculously, Kite Man’s dopey charisma somehow charms the often cold and cynical Ivy, and the two begin a secretive love affair (mainly because Ivy is embarrassed at her feelings for him). Eventually, Kite Man and Poison Ivy’s relationship takes the next step when they make plans to get married.

Harley is conflicted by her feelings about Ivy and Kite Man getting married, and it’s largely because Harley has developed romantic feelings of her own for Ivy. Though they both recognize it as being unfair to the lovable idiot that is Kite Man, they still embark on a secretive love affair. Kite Man eventually finds out and is understandably upset. Still, he ultimately comes to terms with the fact that his beloved green queen would be happier with Harley. In Season 3, we see that Kite Man has moved on and has found a new love interest in Golden Glider.

Who’s Making ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’?

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Kite Man: Hell Yeah! is in good hands, as all three of the Harley Quinn creators will be returning. Creating the spin-off series are Dean Lorey, Justin Halpern, and Patrick Schumaker. Schumaker will also be executive producing the series along with Harley Quinn star Kaley Cuoco. The series will also feature editing by Annie De Brock and art direction from Matthew Girardi, both of whom also worked on Harley Quinn.

Is ‘Harley Quinn’ Available to Stream on Max?

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All seasons of the parent show, including the recently released fourth season, are available to stream in their entirety on Max. Kite Man sits out Season 4, but clearly, the dashing goofball has more stories to tell in Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

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