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James Gunn is quite busy carefully crafting his new DCU from the ruins of the former DCEU. And just like his predecessor, Zack Snyder, he is commencing with a story based on the Man of Steel. He has caused major ripples among the fan community after revealing his version of the Superman costume.


All-Star Superman

Choosing Superman to officially inaugurate his DC Universe was a smart move, considering how the ‘Hope’-man was the first comic book superhero, as well as DC’s first hero. His costume is quite iconic, which is why fans pay attention to every detail when it comes to live-action.

However, in the costume reveal, there’s a lot more going on than just David Corenswet rocking his Superman suit. Can you spot what it is?


David Corenswet’s Superman Suit Might be an Amalgamation of Previous Iterations

DCU head James Gunn recently unfurled David Corenswet‘s Superman costume for the fans, and it has received mixed reviews so far. While quite a lot of fans were worried that the suit looked baggy, others reiterated that it might look a lot different after post-production.

David Corenswet as Superman | Threads @jamesgunn ; Photo by Jess Miglio

In fact, the new suit might be the best Superman costume we’ve had in years. On closer inspection, the details found in the picture indicate that Gunn might have taken inspiration from different eras of the Man of Steel’s depiction in films, animation, and comics.

The collared suit is very reminiscent of the Superman costume design from the New 52 comics. The way the cape is attached to the shoulders looks very similar to Superman cartoons from Max Fleischer’s era. And of course, we see the return of the iconic trunks and belt from the pre-2010 period, seen in Brandon Routh, Christopher Reeve, and animated versions of Superman of that time. And of course, we have to thank Kingdom Come for the new sigil on his chest.


The suit reveal is important for plenty of other reasons, including what’s going on at the back.

Star Sapphire Might be the Villain in the Background

The costume reveal for David Corenswet’s Superman also sheds light on a few plot details of the upcoming film. One, for instance, Corenswet is wearing a battle-damaged suit and looks pretty exhausted. Second, it seems like there is a battle going on in the picture.

Star Sapphire in DC comics

We see a bright purple/violet colored ray lighting up the sky. Many would assume that it might be one of Superman’s villains, like Brainiac or Mongul. However, that might be something that James Gunn wants you to think.


Remember that there are other characters in the story, and they all have an important role to play. It has been confirmed that Nathan Fillion is playing a Green Lantern, specifically the Guy Gardner version. And there might be a special reason why a Green Lantern is in a Superman movie.

We know of a recurring Justice League villain with a gem/ring that uses violet energy projections, Carol Ferris, aka Star Sapphire. The picture shows a massive violet beam being repelled by an emerald projection coming from a tiny ray. This can be explained as Fillion’s Green Lantern trying to defend against Star Sapphire’s blast, while Corenswet’s Superman gets ready to battle.

Star Sapphire is usually depicted as the antagonist of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern (as the two share a complicated history), and recently in comics has embraced her heroic side. Of course, nothing is set in stone yet, as Gunn has chosen to keep his cards close to his chest for now. Hence, everything is a speculation, and a hope that Superman will be the success fans are hoping for.


Superman will be in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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