This announcement came in response to Mundy and other “Lanterns” writers being revealed via the show’s listing on their official Writers Guild of America pages. Referred to by Gunn as “a crack team of writers,” they include Justin H. Britt-Gibson (“The Strain”), Breannah Gibson (an executive story editor on “The Penguin,” another upcoming DC series), and Vanessa Baden Kelly (“Animal Kingdom”). While this might sound like a lot of cooks in the kitchen, it’s pretty standard for TV shows to have a writers’ room made up of around 7-10 people. It’s an essential part of the TV ecosystem, allowing new writers to gain experience as story editors and staff writers before taking on bigger roles as showrunners or lead writers. One of the key issues of last year’s WGA strike was maintaining healthy writers’ rooms, and preventing them from dwindling into exploitative mini rooms.

It’s especially fitting for “Lanterns” to have a “crack team” of writers, since this corner of the DC Universe is all about teamwork. Though Green Lantern originally started out in the comics as a single superhero, like Batman or Superman, he was later rebooted as a Green Lantern — merely one of a vast interstellar team of space cops. The Green Lanterns wield power rings, which allow them to create temporary light-based constructs of any object they can imagine, and to fly through space without any need for a spaceship.

The Green Lanterns made a couple of brief appearances in the DCEU, but otherwise have been mostly left untouched since the box office disaster of 2011’s “Green Lantern” movie. The concept isn’t an easy one to translate to the screen, but hopefully this team will have what it takes.

 DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn reveals the writers behind the Green Lanterns TV show, including Tom King, Chris Mundy, and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof.  Read More