Amanda Waller implants bombs in Dreamer’s family, forcing her to comply
Waller’s manipulation threatens the DC Universe’s heroes and Dreamer’s autonomy.
Dreamer has the power to save the DC Universe, but can’t risk her family’s lives.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4!Rising hero and Arrowverse icon Dreamer has the power to save the world, but unfortunately, the DC Universe’s heroes can’t count on her. Nia Nal finally faces Amanda Waller, who’s on the precipice of bringing the DC Universe under her heel in Absolute Power.

Dreamer made a name for herself in the CW series Supergirl and brought her talents to the Prime DC Universe just a few years ago. However, Waller has sought out Nal’s power for herself as part of a plan to wrest control of the world from metahumans. Dreamer is one of the few heroes who can stop Waller, so why is she backing down?

Amanda Waller Has Threatened Dreamer’s Parents to Get Her to Comply

In Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 by Nicole Maines, Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Adriano Lucas, and Becca Carey, Task Force X has retrieved Dreamer after her last escape attempt. Nia tries to break free, but can’t take out the cadre by herself. She implores Bizarro to help her, saying that the both of them can work together and be heroes. Her pleas work and Bizarro breaks Nia out of her bonds, allowing Dreamer to steal her powers back from Black Alice.

If Waller flatlines for any reason, then both of Nia’s family members will die alongside Amanda.

As the Suicide Squad struggles to respond, Dreamer uses her powers to open the hatch of the plane they’re all traveling in so that they all fly out. Nia orders Bizarro to catch and fly the team to safety while she takes care of the plane. She safely ejects the plane’s pilot and sets the aircraft to fly directly into the prison Amanda Waller is building on the island nation of Gamorra. Dreamer makes it out and heads straight to Waller and put an end to her madness.

Dreamer arrives at Waller’s office where she receives a file from Waller detailing her ultimate contingency. Waller has linked two bombs implanted in both Dreamer’s father and sister to Amanda’s heartbeat. If Waller flatlines for any reason, then both of Nia’s family members will die alongside Amanda. Dreamer uses her precognitive powers to see the future and discovers Waller is telling the truth. Nia is forced to acquiesce to Waller’s will and agrees to keep working on the Suicide Squad in order to keep Dreamer’s family safe.

Dreamer’s Journey from the Arrowverse to the DC Universe

Dreamer was an original character created for the CW show Supergirl. Nia Nal is a Naltorian and was presented in the show as an ancestor of the Legion of Super-Heroes member Dream Girl. Dreamer possesses precognitive powers that allow her to see flashes of the future as well as astral projection and the ability to create energy constructs. Dreamer’s presence was originally limited to the Arrowverse but she finally came to the canon DC Universe in DC Pride 2022 #1 in a short story written by her on-screen performer, Nicole Maines.

Dreamer’s first appearance is in
season 4 premiere episode, “American Alien”!

After debuting in the DC Universe, Dreamer had various team-ups with Superman Jon Kent. However, it was during a team-up during the “Beast World” crisis that Amanda Waller caught a glimpse of what Dreamer could do and decided to make Nia an asset. She approached Dreamer with a mission to take down a rogue precog, threatening to expose Nia’s home, the alien community Parthas, to the world if she didn’t comply. Dreamer agreed and took on the first of many missions Waller had planned for Nia.

Waller formed a new Suicide Squad around Dreamer for her most ambitious plan yet: Seizing the island nation of Gamorra so she could start constructing a large-scale metahuman prison. Dreamer went along with Waller’s dirty work until she had a vision of the heinous acts Waller had planned and how many people were going to die because of it. Unwilling to help bring this awful future about, Dreamer rebelled and broke away from the Suicide Squad. A woman of her word, Waller doxxed Parthas, causing the peaceful alien community to be attacked by anti-alien bigots.

Dreamer is Powerful, But Powerless to Stop Amanda Waller

Ever since Dreamer debuted in the DC Universe, she’s only grown more powerful. Aside from her fighting skills, Nia’s powers have developed considerably. Her precognitive powers are getting better and her ability to travel through dreams has made her a force to be reckoned with. Even Waller has had to take more precautions than usual around Dreamer, such as drastically reducing her sleeping schedule to one hour a night to prevent Nia from getting the upper hand. But by threatening Dreamer’s family, Waller has finally got the hero right where she wants her.

…there’s no better supplier of information than someone who can see the future.

To be clear, Dreamer does not want to work with Amanda Waller. Nia is sickened by both her hypocrisy and her abuses of power, not to mention Waller’s flagrant disregard for the disenfranchised. But Dreamer loves her family and can’t risk getting them killed. Nia’s come closer than anyone to ending Waller’s life since she started this campaign to rein in the metahumans. But Dreamer simply can’t fight back knowing that any resistance could have grave consequences on her loved ones.

Waller having Dreamer under control isn’t good for the rest of the DC Universe. What’s always made Waller dangerous was information and there’s no better supplier of information than someone who can see the future. Waller has already been shown abusing Dreamer’s precognitive powers in Free Comic Book Day 2024: Absolute Power Special Edition #1. Nia knows full well that the path Waller is going down is going to result in her succeeding and imprisoning DC’s greatest heroes and the only thing Dreamer can do to stymie Waller’s plans is lie about the visions Nia has.

Can Dreamer Find a Way to Fight Back?

Dreamer is a hero who’s become a victim of the DC Universe’s greatest manipulator. It’s not that Nia doesn’t want to fight back, but that she can’t knowing her father and sister’s lives are at risk. If she or someone can possibly break the link between Waller’s heartbeat and the bombs in Nia’s family, Dreamer could end this in a second. But as long as Waller has this hanging over Dreamer’s head, there’s nothing the Arrowverse hero can do to stop Waller’s endgame.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 is available now from DC Comics.

Suicide Squad: Dream Team #4 (2024)

Writer: Nicole Maines Artists: Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira Colorist:Adriano Lucas Letterer: Becca Carey Cover Artist: Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira

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