Filmmaker and comic enthusiast, James Gunn, who is known for his work on The Suicide Squad, Guardians of the Galaxy and Peacemaker, has written a foreword for a new encyclopedia about the DC Universe.

Gunn took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his thoughts about the upcoming book, Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse: A Visual Encyclopedia. Written by comic writer Stephanie Williams who is acclaimed for her contributions to Nubia: Queen of the Amazons and Wakanda, this book will take readers on a journey through the lesser-explored realms of DC’s pantheon.

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Gunn revealed in a tweet that the book will feature a foreword from him. In an extended message along with a copy of the book, the director expressed his affection for the more obscure corners of DC Comics, and his love for those characters ignited his imagination as a youth. The book, spanning 240 pages, will highlight the likes of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy, Colonel Computron, and the Mod Gorilla Boss, among a host of others.

Gunn and DC Studio’s co-CEO Peter Safran had previously unveiled the company’s ambitious slate earlier this year. The dynamic lineup includes films like the upcoming Superman: Legacy which will be directed by Gunn himself, a new adaptation of The Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing, and The Authority. In addition to these, Max will be developing series such as Waller, Booster Gold, Lanterns, Paradise Lost, and the animated series Creature Commandos.

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A known comic book fan, Gunn has frequently attempted to pull lesser-known characters into the spotlight. This was reflected in the new DC Universe which will bring characters such as Blue Beetle on the same stage as DC’s most iconic characters, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Veteran writer Jim Lee recently credited Gunn for exponentially increasing Blue Beetle, Peacemaker, and other such comics’ sales. Gunn’s perspective on the DCU’s approach is very different from the studio’s past and the MCU. He has pointed out the scarcity of traditional secret identities in the Marvel Universe and aims to bring back the fantasy element in superhero stories.

Strange and Unsung All-Stars of the DC Multiverse: A Visual Encyclopedia will arrive on Nov. 7 and is available to pre-order.

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