David Corenswet rocks multiple comic-accurate versions of Clark Kent’s costume in new Superman: Legacy fan art, giving fans a glimpse of what the Man of Steel’s new suit may look like. Details about the upcoming reboot and Corenswet’s costume are being kept under wraps by DC Studios, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its reveal. The actor’s ability to promote Superman: Legacy is hindered by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, potentially causing delays in production and the costume reveal.

David Corenswet suits up in four different comic-accurate versions of Clark Kent’s costume in new Superman: Legacy fan art. A new DC Universe is on its way with James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm, as the two DC Studios co-CEOs look to give the on-screen franchise a fresh start. Superman: Legacy will be the first proper DCU movie that will launch Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” with other movies and shows currently in various development stages.

While Superman: Legacy’s cast of characters has slowly been shaping up, there are still a lot of details that DC Studios are keeping under wraps about the upcoming reboot. One of the most exciting and talked about prospects for this impending release regards what the Man of Steel’s new suit is going to look like in the DC Universe installment, as each live-action suit carries its own legacy.

As such, digital artist Jaxson Derr recently shared a gallery of images of Corenswet wearing not one but four different incarnations of Superman’s costumes from the comics for Superman: Legacy. The first suit is based on the 1938 design that Clark initially wore, the second suit adapts Max Fleischer’s iconic look, and the last two feature Corenswet with and without Superman’s red trunks.

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Ever since Corenswet’s official Superman: Legacy casting, the world has been actively wanting to know what his costume is going to look like in the DC Universe, and what alterations may be made to prior editions of the outfit. However, Gunn has stated on numerous occasions that they are nowhere near ready to show the Superman: Legacy suit, though whether this means the suit is not ready for display or unmade and still in the designing phase is currently unclear.

What is also worth taking into account is that even if the team had finished making the costume, Corenswet can’t do any promotional work for Superman: Legacy due to the SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes, with the actor being directly affected by the former rather than the latter. If the strikes continue until the end of 2023, a costume reveal is going to get even more delayed, as Superman: Legacy won’t be able to start filming in the projected early 2024 window. Whether that means DC Studios will have to push Superman: Legacy away from its July 2025 release date is also unclear, but it would certainly be possible.

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how Superman: Legacy tackles the costume, especially as the suit has had unique looks in live-action over the last few years in Superman TV shows and movies. With DC Studios striving to add something different to the Man of Steel through Superman: Legacy, that will ideally be reflected through whatever suit Corenswet ends up getting in the film. Hopefully, if the Hollywood strikes conclude anytime soon, Superman: Legacy will be able to meet its 2024 production start and finally reveal Corenswet’s official costume to the public.

Source: Jaxson Derr/Instagram

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