Fans have been blessed with a masterpiece of a fight in the final issue of the DC Comic series Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow. The six-issue run followed the story of Connor Kent, the son of Superman and Lois Lane, and his struggles to make his way in the world of superheroes.

Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow

The last issue of the chapter mainly brought joy to the fans as it featured a final battle between Superboy and Cyborg Superman. The fight was portrayed in what many are calling similar to the style of Dragon Ball, with many even saying that Superboy now has his own Vegeta.

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As stated earlier, DC Comics has managed to hype up the fans by showing off what they can pull off in recent times. The fight between Conner Kent and Cyber Superboy, who was Travv instead, a member of the rebel cell, has shown readers what the writers are capable of depicting in their comics.

Reading the issue, many would realize how the writers have attempted to keep the fight short and brief despite the big build-up that led to the fight. It featured both of the characters using their ultimate powers to their extreme, creating something that looked like a clash between the iconic Goku’s Kamehameha and Vegeta’s Gallick Gun.

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Superboy Comic Gets Inspired From Dragon Ball

The face-off ends with our hero overpowering the blast and pushing it back toward the Cyborg Superboy, knocking him out and giving the Green Lantern Corps just enough time to arrive and take care of the situation.

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While the last issue showcasing the final fight was a blatant inspiration from the Dragon Ball series, there are more hints as to how Superboy might be inspired more by the iconic anime and manga series by Akira Toriyama.

To begin with, our main protagonist manages to fight from sheer determination, adding to which it is easy to observe how he can win majorly because of the motivation he gets from his family and friends, something which is a principal theme of not only Dragon Ball but nearly every sh?nen style anime.

Dragon Ball Characters Gets Inspired From Friends And Family

DC Comics might have just struck on a goldmine as its inspiration from Dragon Ball in their recent comic series has managed to get a lot of positive feedback, and one can expect the writers might try again to repeat the same in the future.

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 DC Comics has got inspired by Dragon Ball in their recent comic series Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow, giving Superboy his own Vegeta.  Read More