Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Green Lantern #3 and Green Lantern: War Journal #1


Recent developments in Green Lantern #3 reveal that Hal Jordan’s new ring allows him to create constructs in colors other than green. John Stewart no longer needs to wear a ring to forge constructs, as he still has access to the godlike abilities of the Master Builder. Hal Jordan and John Stewart now share a unique autonomy in their powers, similar to Jo Mullein’s ring in Far Sector, making them some of the strongest-willed Lanterns in the Corps.

As the name suggests, the Green Lantern Corps is home to some of the DC Universe’s brightest lights, with every Green Lantern from Earth proving their status fan-favorite heroes. From more storied Lanterns like Guy Gardner to newer Ringslingers like Jessica Cruz or Keli Quintela, every member of the Corps has something special that makes them stand out despite their identical power sets. But now, three Green Lanterns are displaying their powers in a way fans haven’t seen before.

Recent developments in Green Lantern #3 by Jeremy Adams, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., and Dave Sharpe indicate that Hal Jordan’s newest ring is unlike any he’s wielded before. Meanwhile, Green Lantern: War Journal #1 by Philip Kennedy Johnson, Montos, Adriano Lucas, and Sharpe makes it clear that the one and only John Stewart is well beyond the need to sling a ring at all. Though he was once the most starbound of the human Green Lanterns, issue #3 shows that Hal’s mysterious new ring powers down the moment he attempts to leave Earth’s atmosphere.

While it doesn’t allow for interstellar travel or translation, Hal’s mysterious new ring does allow him access to a skill he hasn’t had since he wore Abin Sur’s original ring: he can create constructs in colors other than green.

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What Are the Green Lanterns’ New Powers?

Green Lantern: War Journal #1 shows that John still has access to the godlike abilities of the Master Builder, meaning he doesn’t need to wear a ring in order to forge constructs, much to the confusion of his “Green Lantern” attacker. Able to shatter his opponent’s feeble constructs without breaking a sweat, John also demonstrates the ability to create realistic constructs to comfort his ailing mother. Both Hal Jordan and John Stewart often stand apart from the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, but with the unique stipulations placed on their new abilities, they actually have more in common with one of DC’s newest Lanterns: Jo Mullein.

Both Jo and her unique ring debuted in Far Sector #1 by N.K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell, and Deron Bennett. Jo’s ring charges itself independently of the Central Power Battery, allowing Jo an autonomy now shared by Hal and John. With the Green Lantern Corps now working underneath the United Planets, this sort of independence couldn’t come at a better time for three of the most strong-willed Lanterns the Corps has ever seen. But, despite their newfound similarities, these Lanterns’ abilities are still utterly unique, and it’s fascinating to see what they say about each character.

The Green Lanterns All Shine Differently

Green Lanterns often demonstrate unique connections to their powers. Kyle Rayenr’s initial ring was totally divorced form the then-destroyed Central Battery, while Simon Baz’s unique connection with the Corps gifted him precognitive Emerald Sight. Nor are these the first instances of Hal forging his own ring or John attaining godlike power. Even so, that such dramatic developments are occurring during a period of upheaval both within these characters’ personal lives and within the Corps further distinguishes these three Lanterns — much like DC has been distinguishing the powers within the Superman Family, for that matter.

Whether the Green Lanterns will retain their unique abilities remains to be seen. Jo’s specialized ring is a major aspect of her character, but both Hal and John have gained and lost distinct abilities many times before. Either way, for as long as they have access to these powers, these Green Lanterns will certainly use them to make the universe a brighter place.

Green Lantern #3and Green Lantern: War Journal #1 are available now from DC Comics.

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