On the 9th of September, while listing the various lateness of Justice Society Of America, Bleeding Cool talked about the expected lateness of issue #10 of the series by Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin – which hadn’t even been solicited yet. But we presumed it would be listed in the next upcoming DC catalogue for the 19th of December 2023, even though we reported that it would now only be published on the 7th of January 2024, which was the original intention.

Well, it turns out that DC Comics has changed their mind again. Justice Society of America #10 was indeed listed in the new DC Comics December 2023 solicitations with the old date. But now DC Comics has told retailers that they will ignore any orders they get from comic shops for this issue, as the listing has been cancelled,, and Justice Society of America #10 will now be relisted in a DC Connect catalogue sometime in 2024.

In other DC Comics delays, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country: The Glass House #5 has a new on-sale date of the 17th of October, when it was originally planned for next week, the 26th of September.

Waller vs. Wildstorm #4 has a new on-sale date of the 14th of November, when the original on-sale date was the 24th of October.

And The Vigil #6 has a new on-sale date of the 31st of October, originally the 17th of October. Here’s what that Justice Society Of America #10 listing will look like when it comes back…

JSA #10 cover that will return in 2024.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #10Written by GEOFF JOHNSArt and cover by MIKEL JAN?NVariant cover by TONY HARRIS1:25 variant cover by TRAVIS MERCER$3.99 US