Blade turns to Tulip for help and learns about a weapon called Lightbringer, which was created by God and gifted to Lucifer. This version of Lucifer in Marvel is closer to the DC portrayal, as seen in the Sandman and Lucifer comics. Although it doesn’t guarantee a crossover, this opens the door for a more modern interpretation of Lucifer in the Marvel universe.

Warning: Spoilers for Blade #3!After spending years fighting the forces of Hell, Blade is going to need some unexpected help from Hell’s favorite angel in the form of Lucifer. Blade is currently locking horns with the Adana, a centuries-old monster who in the first issue tricks Blade into destroying the one soldier that could kill her. Joining forces with Rotha, a woman from the same sect of warriors the mysterious soldier hailed from, Blade is on a quest now to set the world right before the Adana destroys everything.

The Daywalker turns to his weapons supplier, Tulip, for help in Blade #3 by Bryan Hill, Elena Casagrande, Valentina Pinti, KJ Diaz, and VC’s Cory Petit. Tulip’s suggestion is a weapon that may or may not exist, currently belonging to a billionaire who may not be so easy to find. The weapon, called Lightbringer, is a sword originally created by God at the beginning of time, made from the matter of creation, and gifted to none other than Lucifer.

The Lightbringer Could Save the World

While Lucifer does not have much presence in the Marvel Universe as the spot of Marvel’s Satan is mostly filled by Mephisto, the version of Lucifer that Tulip speaks of seems to read closer to how he’s depicted in the DC Universe. Through DC Comics, debuting in The Sandman and spinning off into Lucifer, the team of Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, and M.R. Carey created their own version of Lucifer closer to the fable as told in Paradise Lost. This version of the character was famously adapted in live-action form for the popular Fox/Netflix series Lucifer. Tom Ellis played the role for six seasons, with his place as a DC character solidified through The CW’s Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

A Lucifer Appearance Foreshadowed?

While this does not necessarily mean that readers should expect an intercompany crossover between DC’s Lucifer and Marvel’s Blade, it does at least open the door for Marvel to introduce a more modern interpretation of Lucifer as a character in its own universe. The last notable time that Marvel’s version of Lucifer was seen in comics was during the 2008 Ghost Rider run when the title character banishes Satan back to Hell. In this series and throughout Marvel lore, Satan is usually depicted as the classic red devil with horns on his head. Blade #3, though, showcases a blonde-haired, humane appearance similar to DC’s Lucifer.

Whether Lucifer himself appears or not, this situation most certainly puts Blade in an interesting, even ironic scenario. For years, he’s spent so much of his time banishing demons of his own to Hell and warding off devilish creatures, now he needs an instrument from the actual Devil to vanquish his toughest challenge yet. Apparently, the Lightbringer is in the possession of an evil billionaire (practically an evil Tony Stark) named Hamilton Achilles, so he won’t have to take it from Lucifer directly at least. Still, though, needing something that was created specifically for the Devil to stop a devilish monster puts Blade in an awkward position.

Blade #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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