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All confirmed and leaked characters in MultiVersus

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MultiVersus is getting a full release on May 28, following a year of post-beta development to improve the platform fighter. With this relaunch, the free-to-play title still heavily relies on its characters to pull players in—whether they’re already on the roster or could be added in the future.

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MultiVersus is developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games, meaning it pulls almost exclusively from the wide library of Warner Bros. Discover IP to craft a roster of characters for a crossover showdown. From Bugs Bunny and Superman to Gizmo and original characters, the list of MultiVersus fighters is full of Acme-level surprises—and is set to continue expanding

Even before its reveal in 2021, rumors and leaks about MultiVersus’ gameplay and roster surfaced online. This escalated throughout 2022 and 2023 with a slew of data mines from the files pulled from various tests or previous builds being sporadically shared online and revealing information about what characters could be coming through things like unused voice lines, visuals, or just lines of text buried deep in some normally inaccessible files.

With the game’s re-release on May 28 set to contain more new content and characters, here’s a full list of confirmed playable characters in MultiVersus and a breakdown of what characters may be coming to the game post-launch based on years of info dumps. Just be aware none of the leaked characters have been confirmed and could end up absent from the final product, especially with how dated some of these data mines are. 

Full MultiVersus roster: All playable characters

The roster is ever-expanding. Image via Player First Games

As of June 2023, when the open beta of MultiVersus was taken offline so Player First Games could focus on finishing the game’s development, there were 23 playable characters. The beta originally launched with 17 characters in 2022 and was updated through to November 2022 with several additional fighters—the last of which was Marvin the Martian.

We have since had the reveal of The Joker and more characters are on the way, as shown in the official launch trailer for the game.

CharacterSeriesAgent SmithThe MatrixArya StarkGame of ThronesBatmanDC ComicsBanana GuardAdventure TimeBlack AdamDC ComicsBugs BunnyLooney TunesFinn the HumanAdventure TimeGarnetSteven UniverseGizmoGremlins

Harley QuinnDC ComicsIron GiantThe Iron GiantJake the DogAdventure TimeJason VoorheesFriday the 13thThe JokerDC ComicsLeBron JamesSpace Jam: A New LegacyMarvin the MartianLooney TunesMorty SmithRick and MortyReindogMultiVersus OriginalRick SanchezRick and MortyShaggy RogersScooby-DooSteven UniverseSteven UniverseStripeGremlinsSupermanDC ComicsTazLooney TunesTom and JerryTom and JerryVelma DinkleyScooby-DooWonder WomanDC Comics

All leaked and rumored characters for MultiVersus: Who is coming to MultiVersus next?

Anything can happen in this crossover-filled fighter. Image via Warner Bros. | Remixed by Dot Esports

This is a list of compiled information from multiple data mines, leaks, and rumors dating back to before the official MultiVersus reveal in November 2021. None of this information has been confirmed by Player First Games or Warner Bros. Games and is purely based on content shared online within the game’s community, which, as of May 2024, is likely very outdated and no longer reliable. 

Nubia (DC Comics) – Data mine Raven (DC Comics) – Data mine, teased in launch trailer Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) – Leaked images/May have been scrapped Legolas (Lord of the Rings) – Data mine/May have been scrapped Harry Potter – Original game leak/May have been scrapped Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) – Original game leak/May have been scrapped Fred Flintstone – Original game leak Johnny Bravo – Original game leak Mad Max – Original game leak/May have been scrapped Ben 10 – Early leaks

Godzilla – Data mine King Kong – Data mine Neo (The Matrix) – Data mine/may have been replaced by Agent Smith Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) – Data mine and early leaks Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat) – Data mine Emmet (The LEGO Movie) -Data mine Static Shock (DC Comics) – Data mine Poison Ivy (DC Comics) – Data mine Craig of the Creek – Data mine Wicked Witch (The Wizard of Oz) – Data mine Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) – Data mine Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice) – Multiple data mines and game files Powerpuff Girls (The Powerpuff Girls) – Stage inclusion and rumors Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack) – Stage data mines and additional rumors Marceline (Adventure Time) – Discussions with game’s director

MultiVersus character speculation

The dark history of what might have been. Screenshot via Player First Games

In addition to these data-mined characters, files for several other fighters were found in the game’s code at different times pointing to characters like Naruto, Wreck-It Ralph, or Fix-It Felix from Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph movie series, and The Incredible Hulk potentially being included. Naruto and Hulk have fallen through, with those files featured within placeholder characters called Ninja and Brute. 

Ted Lasso could appear as either a fighter or Announcer Pack because actor Jason Sudeikis reportedly reached out to PFG and was interested. NetherRealm Studios may not have a representative because of creative differences with PFG on how the characters from Mortal Kombat would be portrayed. Master Chief and “other popular characters” that have not been featured in Super Smash Bros. were brought up, including Eleven from Stranger Things.

Licensing for characters like Godzilla, the Lord of the Rings cast, or the Harry Potter cast may prevent them from appearing in the game at any stage. Specifically for Gandalf, who was shown in leaked promotional material for the game before its reveal, his moveset may have been used for other characters after he was scrapped.

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