DC Comics has been the source of inspiration for countless projects throughout media, most notably film and animation. Perhaps the best and most well-received DC media project was the DC animated universe, where iconic series like Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League exist. Here, the universe of DC was reimagined and reworked, providing something familiar to hardcore DC fans yet still unique and unpredictable.

The DCAU received a sequel mini-series, Justice League Infinity, which took the heroes on adventures throughout the multiverse. It also showcased the strength of continuing this universe in comic book form. The DCAU has many mysteries that have been left unresolved, and these are always open to further exploration. Just as other DCAU comics have received sequels, a new Justice League Infinity comic could shed light on the animated universe’s mysteries.

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10 The Fate Of General Eiling

General Wade Eiling had a position of prominence in the DCAU as a patriotic antagonist to the JLA. Working with Amanda Waller and Cadmus in a bid to counter the power of the Justice League, Eiling was a constant thorn in the team’s side due to his abrasive nature and heavy-handed tactics.

In Justice League Unlimited, Eiling mirrored his comic counterpart when he took an experimental serum, transformed into a monstrous being, and fought the heroes. When he realized he’d become what he hated, Eiling departed, never seen again. Seeing how his DCAU story turned out could make for a great arc, exploring whether he became a supervillain or tried to reconcile his patriotism and monstrosity.

9 Will Batman And Wonder Woman Be Together?

Arguably the single most “shipped” relationship in comics comes directly from the DCAU, namely the long-teased romance between Batman and Wonder Woman. Although Bruce was hesitant to start a relationship, Diana was rather persistent in pursuing him, dismissing his concerns.

Batman and Wonder Woman finally getting together could deliver perhaps the most demanded and longest-awaited romance in comics. Justice League Infinity loosely touched on the two caring for one another but left open the full potential of the relationship, again leaving fans to wonder.

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8 What’s The Deal With Hal Jordan?

In the comics, Kyle Rayner’s arrival — shown in the DCAU through Superman: The Animated Seriescame after Hal Jordan fell to evil. In the DCAU, it was never made explicitly clear whether “Emerald Twilight” happened at all, and since the Guardians of the Universe were all alive, it’s likely not.

It would be interesting to see if a Justice League Infinity sequel series could explain Hal’s role in the DCAU and whether Green Lantern: The Animated Series is canon. Considering the prominent role Green Arrow played in Justice League Unlimited, bringing Hal Jordan into the fold could give fans a DCAU hard-traveling heroes team-up.

7 What Became Of Hugo Strange?

One of the most perplexing parts of Justice League Unlimited was seeing Hugo Strange serving as an advisor to Cadmus. In all likelihood, the villain bartered his way into the program by offering Amanda Waller the identity of Batman or else simply using his genius to speak for itself.

Hugo Strange was last seen in his Cadmus position away from the world of Batman, where he’s at his best. The villain should be a formidable enemy in Gotham, and his presence on Cadmus left open the question of just where the villain stands in the DCU.

6 What Happened To Hawkman?

In DC Comics, Hawkman and Hawkwoman have perhaps the greatest love story around, thanks to their supernatural, eternal bond. However, this was completely reimagined for the DCAU, instead showing that the original romance between the Thanagarians in Ancient Egypt didn’t last.

Hawkman was basically left without his romantic partner, and it’s unclear just how much of the original comics lore of the hero existed here. Whether the universe would incorporate the distinction between Hawkgirl and Hawkwoman to fix this could satisfy Hawkman fans.

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5 Did Superman Patch Things Up With Captain Marvel?

One of the best grudge matches between heroes in DC Comics has historically been Superman versus Captain Marvel, better known as Shazam. In the DCAU, this rivalry was fomented by Lex Luthor, who feigned rehabilitation and tricked Superman into a public act of aggression, causing people to fear him.

After a fight between Superman and Captain Marvel, the latter felt disillusioned by the Justice League and departed the team. Considering how both are wholesome, middle-America heroes, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to patch things up.

4 What Happened To The Thanagarians?

One of the biggest sagas within the DCAU was that of the Thanagarian struggle in their war against the alien race, the Gordanians. In the comics, the empire was at war with Rann, though the absence of Adam Strange and wanting Hawkgirl’s cause to be more sympathetic was better achieved through the use of Gordanians.

It was revealed in Justice League Unlimited that, after being defeated by the JLA, the Thanagarian war party went home but was defeated. It’s not clear the full extent of what happened to all Thanagarians, whether they were subjugated, destroyed, or went into hiding.

3 Will The Once & Future Story Come To Pass?

In the Justice League Unlimited two-part episode “Once and Future,” the League pursued the time-traveling villain Chronos to the past and future. In the future, John Stewart met his and Hawkgirl’s son, Rex Stewart, better known as Warhawk. The series toyed with the question of just how fixed this future was since Stewart and Shyera were no longer together.

The larger question left open by “Once and Future” was whether Stewart and Hawkgirl would reconcile and remain together since the Green Lantern was in something of a love triangle with Vixen. Fans are curious to know whether this future is an alternate timeline or a fixed eventuality.

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2 What Do The Ice Cream Flavors Mean?

One of the most memorable and memed-on moments from Question’s tenure on the Justice League was a one-off reference to ice cream. As the DCAU’s resident conspiracy theorist, Vic Sage was on an investigation when the JLA called. His detective work took him into the heart of, apparently, an ice cream flavor conspiracy.

This joke was played up for good laughs, but fans were never let in on the mystery, simply left to speculate on some ice cream-based plot. Question’s mysteries can run deep and take fans in unexpected directions. Having the ice cream mystery unraveled once and for all could be a great bit of fan service.

1 Lex Luthor, Darkseid, And The Anti-Life Equation

The ending of Justice League Unlimited showcased the arrival of Darkseid and his forces of Apokolips to conquer Earth. As they waged war on the Justice League and their alliance with the villains, Metron took Lex Luthor beyond the Source Wall, where he discovered the Anti-Life Equation.

Luthor offered Darkseid the Anti-Life Equation in a bid to save Earth from his assault. When Darkseid took it, the two disappeared in an epic blast of energy, never to be seen again. In Justice League Infinity, Wonder Woman encountered an alternate Darkseid, but the mystery of the main DCAU Luthor and Darkseid’s fate remains open for exploration.

 The DCAU is perhaps the best DC-based media project. The universe still has many mysteries that a new comic book could answer for fans.  Read More