The multiverse of DC Comics is full of superlatively powerful beings. Most of these were born with their powers, but for many humans and aliens out there, science is the key to their abilities. Many of the most intelligent superheroes in any universe exist in DC’s comics and some of them have created or found technology that has made them extremely formidable.

Many of the most powerful and dangerous heroes and villains have weaponized their intelligence in a variety of ways. When there are enemies to fight as powerful as Superman and Darkseid, many heroes and villains have depended on science to win. Luckily for them, the upgrades they’ve created have allowed them to excel.

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10 Brainiac’s Technology

Brainiac is DC’s most dangerous cosmic predator. The Coluan cyborg is extremely intelligent and may be the most intelligent being in the universe. Brainiac is known for his amazing technology, which has allowed him to erect nearly impenetrable shields, control drones with his thoughts, and weaponize Kryptonite in a variety of ways.

Brainiac’s ship is a repository of technology. While some of it was created by others, the power to shrink entire cities was almost certainly created by Brainiac himself, which is extremely impressive. On top of that, his ship has weapons that can destroy entire solar systems, specialized missiles that allow him to cause stars to go supernova. There’s a reason that Brainiac is one of the few beings that Superman actually fears.

9 Mister Terrific’s T-Spheres

Michael Holt is a super genius decathlete. It’s been said several times over the years that he’s the third-smartest person on Earth, presumably behind Batman and Lex Luthor. However, Mister Terrific is probably smarter than Batman and his T-Spheres are proof of that. Terrific is an amazing combatant and tactician, but it’s his T-Spheres that make him truly formidable.

The T-Spheres can fly around and are voice controlled, although it’s possible they’re thought controlled, as at times they’ve done what Terrific needs them to without being told. Of course, that could just come from an AI system, which is still extremely impressive. They’re basically high-tech Swiss army knives, giving Terrific all kinds of offensive and defensive options.

8 The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill

The various Flashes are among the most powerful heroes on Earth. The Speed Force gives them all kinds of powers, and the most skilled Flashes, namely Wally West, Barry Allen, and Jay Garrick, can do amazing things with their powers. However, there are a few things they can’t do on their own, and that’s where the Cosmic Treadmill comes in.

The Cosmic Treadmill allows the Flash to travel between worlds in the Multiverse. It can also be used to travel through time. Both of these modes harness the Speed Force to move the Flash through space and time. While it can be argued that certain Flashes – everyone is looking in Barry Allen’s direction – shouldn’t be allowed to travel back in time, the Cosmic Treadmill is a very important part of the Flash mythos.

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7 Deathstroke’s Ikon Armor

Deathstroke is feared by the hero community, and for good reason. Made into a super-soldier, Deathstroke’s physical capabilities are greatly enhanced, and he has a high standing among the most dangerous combatants on Earth. However, his greatest enhancements are the ones to his brain, allowing him to come up with strategies that can defeat just about anyone completely on the fly.

Despite all of that, Deathstroke does a have a problem against the more powerful heroes, like Superman. That’s where the Ikon suit comes in. Created by Deathstroke’s former special ops associate David Isherwood, the Ikon suit is gravity sheath. The greater the surface area of the attack, the weaker its protection, but against something like a bullet, or even a punch thrown by Superman, it’s impenetrable. Add in an AI and various physical enhancements and it makes Deathstroke ridiculously dangerous.

6 New 52 Cyborg

Caught in an attack by the Parademons on STAR Labs, Cyborg’s father used nanites to rebuild his body with cybernetic parts. However, Cyborg would get a serious upgrade when he was exposed to a Mother Box. Cyborg absorbed it and gained many new abilities.

Cyborg was always a tank, but New 52 Cyborg, with his Mother Box upgrades, was much more powerful. He gained all the knowledge of the Mother Box, making him the ultimate tech guy, the ability to create Boom Tubes, and the power to control technology. Despite the New 52 basically being non-canon, Cyborg still has all of these powers because they are much better than what he had before.

5 Ultra-Humanite’s Body-Swapping Technology

The Ultra-Humanite started life as the ultimate mad scientist back in the Golden Age, battling the heroes of the Justice Society. However, he was still only human and rather weak without his technology. That’s why his body swapping technology has been so important. He first used it on actress Dolores Winters, but would later have his brain put into the body of an albino gorilla from Gorilla City.

Ultra-Humanite became more physically powerful, and began to enhance his new gorilla bodies so that he could fight Superman one-on-one. Ultra-Humanite has created all kinds of amazing technology over the years, but his body-swapping abilities are his most dangerous. Ultra-Humanite can now create powerful weapons and smack around nearly any enemy once those weapons are destroyed.

4 The Green Lantern Rings

The Oans eventually were able to become powerful immortal beings, becoming the Guardians of the Universe. They first created the Manhunters, powerful robots, to patrol and protect the universe, but their destruction of Sector 666 made the Guardians mothball them.

They mastered the green willpower energy of the emotional spectrum and began their greatest work – the creation of the Green Lantern rings. At first, they created the Starheart based ring, which used a magical green flame, but refined these into the Green Lantern rings. Known as the greatest weapons in the universe, they allowed their users to create anything they could imagine, as long as their willpower was strong enough, and allowed them to travel in interstellar space without a ship. On top of that, each ring had a self-aware AI. They are an amazing accomplishment, and Green Lanterns have defended the universe for ages.

3 Metallo’s Body And Kryptonite Heart

Metallo has changed a lot over the years, with each DC continuity reboot giving him a new origin. However, one thing that stays the same is his powerful cyborg body, powered by his Kryptonite heart. Metallo is strong enough to fight Superman to a standstill, is faster than he looks, and in some bodies can shape his limbs into weapons of all kinds.

Metallo can also use Kryptonite energy as a weapon, which is what has made him so dangerous when he battles Superman. Metallo is often used as a henchman by smarter villains, which makes a lot of sense. Metallo is great muscle, as he’s smart enough to use his abilities well, but will still follow orders.

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2 Lex Luthor’s Armor

Lex Luthor doesn’t need powers to be dangerous, because he carries his greatest weapon inside his skull. Lex Luthor is either the most intelligent person on Earth, something claimed by Ozymandias in Doomsday Clock, or the second smartest after Batman. Regardless of that, his intelligence has definitely helped him in his many battles against Superman. Lex’s technology is amazing, but his greatest accomplishment has to be his anti-Superman armor.

Lex Luthor made a suit of armor that can survive Superman’s most powerful attacks and make Lex strong enough to hurt him. It’s also known for being armed with Kryptonite-based weapons and technology. The most powerful version of his armor was made by bonding with a Mother Box, making him strong enough to help Superman in battle with enemies like Doomsday and Kalibak.

1 Batman’s Hellbat Armor

Batman fights heroes a lot and he needs some kind of advantage. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, but he’s smart enough to create countermeasures to use against heroes and villains alike. Batman also is an expert at creating all kinds of weapons, including various armors that allow him to fight even the entire Justice League at once. As powerful as that is, though, the Hellbat armor blows it out of the water.

The Hellbat allowed Batman to go head-to-head with Darkseid. That’s a fight that even Superman gets smacked around in. Now, the Hellbat armor didn’t allow Batman to beat Darkseid in a fight – there are few beings in the universe powerful enough to do that – but it kept Batman alive and let him hurt Darkseid. Later, Lois Lane used it against the Eradicator, a powerful Kryptonian cyborg. The Hellbat does have one drawback – it will kill its wearer if they use it to long – but it’s proven useful for Batman and others.

 DC Comics heroes and villains possess even more power thanks to various technological upgrades from sci-fi origins like Apokolips and New Genesis.  Read More